May, 2014

This Paris-style bistro offers delicious home-made French food and wines at fair prices. They have typical fare including French onion soup (try it!!!), mussels in white wine with French fries, rack of lamb, Maxim’s style lobster bisque, cheese and meat platters, duck confit, carpaccios, tuna au poivre, and more.

Chef Alain Mallat has worked in major international hotel kitchens and has had his own restaurnat in Merida for several years, which was previously located further along Prolongación Montejo in Plaza Mayor. He also opened a French deli in Merida a few years ago. He has now combined both the restaurant and deli in the one location on Prolongación Montejo next to Dante Bookstore in Col. Itzimná.

Le Bistrot is elegant, nicely lit, and both modern and cozy at the same time. There is a terrace in the front and back, and the main interior salon has a large glass wall looking into the deli. There is also a separate cozy space for private groups.

The menu is divided as follows: Entrées (appetizers), Salades et Soupes (salads and soups), Pates et Pizzas (pastas and pizzas), Poissons et Fruits de Mer (fish and seafood), and Les Viandes et Volaille (meats and poultry). Notable dishes include Escargots a la Provencal (12 snails), Camembert au Four et la Confiture (baked Camembert with jam), Terrine de Canard aux Noisettes (duck terrine with hazelnuts), 4-cheese or roquefort fondue, Soupe a la Oignon Gratinee (French onion soup with cheese), Bisque de Langouste (lobster bisque), Crepe aux Crevettes et Langouste Gratinee (shrimp and lobster crepes with cheese), Steack Frites (steak and French fries), Filet de Boeuf Sauce Bearnaise ou Vin Rouge et Champignons (beef filet with Bearnaise sauce or red wine and mushrooms), Carre d’Agneau a la Provencal (rack of lamb Provenzal), and Canard Confit et Pomme au Cidre (duck leg confit with cider apples). Outstanding desserts include Crème Brûlée, profiteroles with chocolate sauce, chocolate mousse, and chocolate fondue. The restaurant has a full wine list.

There is a special tasting menu of foie gras with hibiscus jam served with a glass of Chateau Ponteney, lobster bisque served with a glass of La Mirandelle, beef filet with Bearnaise sauce served with a glass of Chateau Dufilhot, and Crème Brûlée, for 500 pesos per person.

The deli offers petits fours; desserts and cakes; cheese + meat platters; snacks; patés and terrines; roquefort, tuna, foie or chipotle mousse; and pastas. They also specialize in dessert bars and cheese + meat bars for weddings, parties, XV birthdays, baptisms, baby showers, bridal showers, theme parties for children, and other special events. Desserts can be ordered by the piece, including crème brûlée, brownies, chocolate covered strawberries, shortbread, and more. They also specialize in fondant cakes, with incredible attention to the details required for a perfect presentation. The deli always has baskets to fill with your desired delicacies for a gift, dessert basket, cheese boards, wine, and more.

Prol. Montejo x 17 y 19 beside Librería Dante Bookstore

Tel. 944 1808

Facebook: LeBistrotMerida, DeliGourmet

1 pm – 1 am

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