August, 2015

Much has been written about Yucatecan gastronomy…its subtle flavors and its differences from the cuisines of other regions of México. You cannot visit our state without trying it. There are many places to do that, but in Merida’s Centro Histórico an excellent option is La Prospe del Xtup.

Housed in a spectacularly restored colonial building with a fascinationg history, the restaurant is a trip into the past and a reminder of what is still important today and for the future. Generations of Yucatecan families have been preparing the same dishes with the same attention to detail, and will continue doing so. It is a testimony to the cuisines of México that ours has lasted so long.

Childhood friends Ing. Jorge René González Abraham and Chef Limbert Medina Cosgaya joined forces to open “La Prospe del Xtup”, which refers to an abbreviated form of the name of the famous restaurant “La Prosperidad”, now gone, founded by Don Jorge Medina Alcocer, Limbert’s father, and “Xtip” is a Maya word for “The smallest one in the family”. Limbert Medina has brought his family recipes to the table: classic Yucatecan gasstronomy with a Valladolid touch, thereby offering a taste of the eastern part of the state.

La Prospe del Xtup celebrates its first anniversary this month (in September). Both visitors and locals have discovered this new option for delicious, authentic Yucatecan cuisine. The setting couldn’t be better: Casa Quijano, completed in 1871, is a beautiful building representative of the architecture which graced the streets of Colonia Santiago in the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, the distinguished building’s air-conditioned interior and lush outdoor terrace provide comfort and tranquility to its diners.

The menu is ample, so order a cold drink from the full bar and begin to peruse the reasonably-priced options. Its sections include Antojitos (appetizers), Originales (combination plates), Especialidades (specialties), Aves (poultry), Cerdo (pork), Sopas/Ensaladas/Pastas (soups/salads/pastas), Tacos, and Postres (desserts). The portions are very large; and there is a glossary near the back of the menu to explain some of the Maya names (also refer to our page 26). If you cannot decide, choose one of the combination plates (Originales) as follows:

– Antojitos de La Prospe (appetizers): cochinita (pulled pork) panucho, lomitos (pork loin) panucho, cochinita pibihuá, and turkey salbut.

– Parrillada de La Prospe (grill): poc-chuc (pork), smoked pork, pork belly, and delicious Longaniza sausage, a specialty from Valladolid which must be tried while you are in Yucatán.

– Combinado Vallisoletano (Valladolid combo): 2 cochinita pibihuás, 2 lomitos pibihuás, Longaniza sausage, Lomitos de Valladolid, and smoked pork.

– Combinado del Xtup (Xtup combo): cochinita, lomitos, queso relleno (stuffed cheese), escabeche (turkey), relleno negro (turkey), 2 panuchos, and 2 salbutes.

¡Buen provecho!

Calle 59 No. 530 x 64 y 66, Centro
Open 12 pm – 10 pm
Tel. (999) 923 0801
Facebook: La Prospe del Xtup


Housed in a spectacularly restored colonial building, La Prospe del Xtup is a trip into the past and a reminder of what is still important today and for the future.

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