September, 2014

La Isla Restaurant is located in the Fiesta Inn Mérida, across the street from Siglo XXI Convention Center. For this reason, it is obviously popular with business travellers and convention attendees; however, the restaurant is worth a visit even if you live here or are visiting as a tourist.

But first, some background about the hotel: its dedication to business travellers is obvious in all of its spaces. Its motto: “Success, inspiration, connectivity,
productivity, and innovation” has been incorporated into its functional, friendly areas to work and relax; being able to meet your business goals, but still stay refreshed. Fiesta Inn Merida is one of 61 hotels in a nation-wide Mexican chain of hotels, all with similar standards and amenities. The hotel in Mérida is new, with a modern, welcoming design. The hotel has 166 rooms, a restaurant, bar, meetings rooms, and multi-purpose spaces that are open, comfortable, and ideal for getting work done in a pleasing, distraction-free setting. Hotel features include the 360 Lounge, swimming pool and a fitness center.

The new Fiesta Inn features La Isla, a multipurpose space that is available 24 hours a day, where guests can grab a delicious snack or pause to refresh and rejuvenate. Meals are available in a variety of ways, including a breakfast buffet, restaurant table service, grab-and-go, or room service. La Isla also boasts a self-service bar featuring domestic and imported drinks.

La Isla is a modern, inviting dining room with an efficient staff who will make sure you have everything you need. There is a breakfast buffet from 6 am to 12 pm, and lunch and dinner are served a la carte from 12 pm to 12 midnight. There is also a dinner buffet. The menu includes a variety of Mexican and international appetizers, salads, soups, pastas, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, steaks, and seafood. If you are out with a group, consider the bucket of six beers accompanied by spicy wings, cheese fingers, or nachos, for 250 pesos.

The chefs at La Isla have taken the dinner menu to another level as well. Each month a different fruit is featured as the base for a three-course dinner menu, always considering what is in season at the time. For the month of September, the fruit is the prickly pear, called “tuna” in Spanish (not to be confused with “atún” which is Spanish for tuna (the fish). This fruit, native to Yucatán as well as other parts of Mexico, is round, either bright red or bright green, with edible seeds inside a juicy flesh. The menu includes:

APPETIZER: lettuce salad with red prickly pears, and squash blossom and prickly pear cream soup.

MAIN COURSE: stuffed flank steak with green prickly pear sauce, fish filet in a red prickly pear sauce, and chicken breast stuffed with panela cheese served with grilled prickly pear.

DESSERT: prickly pear mousse and lemon sherbet with prickly pear compote.

Hotel Fiesta Inn

Calle 5B No. 290A x 20 A y 60, Col. Revolución
Beside Chedraui Norte and across from Siglo XXI Convention Center
Tel. 999 964 3500



Each month a different fruit is featured as the base for a three-course dinner menu, always considering what is in season at the time.

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