La Arboleda barra de ensaladasSeptember, 2012

Each month Yucatan Today visits a restaurant in order to describe what it has to offer. This is not a review; it is a summary of the menu, service, ambience, and opening hours.

 If you like to dine “al fresco”, one delicious option is La Arboleda Bistro & Grill in the Holiday Inn on Avenida Colón. Every day at 7:30 pm, the vast array of fresh dinner choices awaits you, under the trees in their terrace dining area. The mature flamboyant and other trees, softly lit, provide a refreshing canopy for your evening meal, with live, but unobtrusive, background music provided by a singer and his guitar. There is a full bar and wines by the bottle or glass.

The chef has prepared some wonderful recipes and your only problem will be where to start! The salad bar is full of fresh, crispy lettuces and lots of other veggies and toppings to accompany them…with grated cheeses and homemade dressings to top things off.

Other selections to tempt you include fresh sushi, grilled eggplant, cheeses, sliced potatoes topped with tomato sauce and cream, pizza, homemade paella, and sandwiches. There are also two options for meals prepared to order: a teppanyaki chef who sizzles fresh veggies and thinly sliced beef or chicken in her big iron skillet, and then adds your choice of pasta and either pesto or teriyaki sauce, for an Italian or Japanese finish. The other option for a made-to-order meal is at the grill, where the chef is keeping the charcoal hot and you can choose from fresh salmon, tuna, chicken, pork chops, sausage, steak, or shish kebab.

This is one buffet where you will want to save room for dessert: there is a special dessert display with a dozen different bite-size treats on display, so you can try several desserts…from custards to cakes to pecan pie. And be sure to ask your server if the special tiramisu is available, created by Sous Chef Alexis Can: prepared with a cream cheese base with a touch of Xtabentun liqueur and lime, served over a bed of ladyfingers soaked in Xtabentun.

The price of the buffet is $189 pesos. The buffet schedule is from 7:30 pm to 12:00 midnight and the a la carte menu is available from 7:30 pm to 12:30 am.

La Arboleda Bistro & Grill
Holiday Inn, Zona Hotelera
Avenida Colón x Calle 60 y Paseo Montejo
Tel. 999 942 8800


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