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Each month Yucatan Today visits a restaurant in order to describe what it has to offer. This is not a review; it is a summary of the menu, service, ambience, prices, and opening hours.

June 2007

Cuisine: regional/international. 
Chef: Obilio Nail. 
Menu: a la carte and buffet on weekends. Popular dishes: Sample Platter, pollo pibil, coco shrimp w/mango sauce. 
Specialty drink: el Zorro (the fox), orange juices with X-tabentun, vodka, mineral water and a secret ingredient. 
Setting: colonial hacienda in the jungle. Seating: 250 (up to 1,500 for events). Schedule: daily 11 am – 7 pm. 
Avg. price x 2 incl. 2 drinks: $250 pesos.
Credit Cards: Visa, MC, AMex. 
Parking: yes. 
Swimming pool: yes. 
Events: yes.
Location: just off the Merida to Uxmal highway; 25 minutes from Merida, 20 mins. from Uxmal. Reservations: (999) 910 6035.

Hacienda Ochil is the hacienda restaurant where you can have a wonderful lunch at a reasonable price.

What better way to experience a hacienda than having lunch or an event at Hacienda Ochil. When we say event, we mean weddings, birthdays, First Communions and XV años. You might think it would be expensive. Hacienda Ochil is the hacienda that does things not only elegantly and with special touches, but also within reason budget-wise.

Back to lunch! The menu offers an excellent variety of regional Yucatecan cuisine cooked from authentic family recipes using the freshest ingredients. If you don’t know what to choose, try the Sample Platter which comes in three courses. The appetizer platter includes chicken tamale, cheese empanada, guacamole, polcan – corn dough ball w/chicharrón- and chicken kimbomba. Be careful to not fill up on this first platter – there is more to come!

The main course platter brings baked cochinita pibil (the most typical Yucatecan pork dish), poc-chuc (grilled pork), chicken pibil (2nd most typical dish), and Yucatecan chicken. The third course is the dessert platter that brings the traditional Yucatecan papaya in syrup with grated Dutch cheese and another traditional dessert: flan. To try the Sample Platters is to have a crash course in our delicious Yucatecan cuisine. Cost $150 pesos per person.

Other options on the menu are the Yucatecan soups (lime, cream of cheese, cream of cilantro, and cream of bean), the pastas (pomodoro and al burro), fresh salads, Yucatecan poultry (pollo pibil, chicken a la Yucateca), fish options including shrimp in coconut with mango sauce, tic-in-xic (Yucatecan fish baked in annatto seed sauce, tomatoes, onions and green pepper), bucket of shrimp and Aguachile Maya -shrimp cooked in lemon and chile – for the very brave as it is hot and spicy, and last but not least – goodies from the bakery.

Whether you are a tourist or a local, plan on having lunch at Hacienda Ochil. If you are lucky to be a local and can go anytime you choose, try the weekend buffet for 160 pesos. And don’t forget to take your bathing suit.

Hacienda Ochil is the hacienda restaurant where you can have a wonderful lunch at a reasonable price.

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