Hacienda Chichén combines a rich hacienda history going back to 1523, with integral involvement with the surrounding Maya community. It is a visionary green hotel and intimately linked with Maya archaeological discoveries on its doorstep.

If you are a guest at the hacienda, you will naturally gravitate toward the house restaurant; in fact, you won’t be able to resist its pretty table settings on its shaded terrace. But this is a place worth a special trip from Mérida. Chef Antonio and his team will pamper you and leave you sighing with contentment.

When you drive in to the hacienda and step out of your car, you leave the urban world behind you. The peace and quiet, the fragrant gardens, the towering palm trees, the birdsong, all embrace you and invite you to linger. One look at the menu and you will be so glad that you came.

Executive Chef Antonio Caamal learned much from his Maya grandmother and mother about the essence of good cooking. This self-taught chef has created an award-winning Maya and fusion gourmet cuisine, each plate worthy of a photographic portrait. He lovingly prepares each dish with impeccable attention to detail, bringing together many of the abundant and varied locally grown ingredients, from the hacienda’s own organic farm. This farm produces fruit, vegetables, herbs, and honey, as well as medicinal plants used in their onsite spa.

For an appetizer, try the huitlacoche crepes: Mexico’s most precious truffle-style delicacy served with a light goat cheese sauce. The Chef’s fine “bocadillos” are another wonderful option: a selection of several unique and beautifully prepared, original petit hors d’oeuvres.

Soups include cream of chaya, sopa de lima, chilled cucumber soup and gazpacho, and the wonderfully creamy cream of chile xcatic, mild but zesty. Several salads are offered, all with fresh local organic vegetables.

Chicken with cilantro sauce, chicken with honey and chipotle, or pork loin in a Royal Maya sauce may tempt you for the main course, or maybe you’d like the Maya chicken satay: tender chicken skewers marinated in achiote with a pumpkin seed sauce for dipping. The filet mignon comes with your choice of two delicious sauces: wild pepper wine reduction or jamaica flower reduction. Their signature dish is described as ancient Maya cuisine at its best: chicken in black chilimole sauce. The seafood dishes are original recipes utilizing pibil and achiote marinades as well as fresh local herbs and vegetables.

The dessert menu has a dozen mouth-watering choices, each more tempting than the one before. Flaming banana or caramel crepes, crème brulee, lime pie, or sugar-free almond cake or pecan cheesecake…impossible to decide. But…you must.



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