Mérida is constantly evolving and changing. Each day, more people from all over México come to live in our city and bring with them their traditions and customs (and their food!). Regional cuisine from out of state is becoming evermore present in our Ciudad Blanca; because of this, you may find it increasingly common to find dishes with names you’ve never heard before. Today, I’ve accepted the task of trying some of these delicious specialties. I’ll be sharing my experience at restaurants where you can find traditional food from around the country, without leaving Mérida.


Taquería La Chilanga - comida regional de México reginal cuisine

Taquería “La Chilanga”

On the streets of Francisco de Montejo there’s never a lack of México City-style tacos. At this taquería, you will find a diverse taco and torta menu with delicious classic Chilango fillings: “Paladar,” tongue, “Suadero,” cheek, liver and onions, and “Carne Enchilada” are just some of the dishes you can try here. For that extra kick of flavor, serve up your tacos with fresh, house-made salsas of guacamole, “Salsa Roja,” and “Salsa Verde.” They also have a restaurant in Las Américas and a food cart on the Periférico. They’ve been serving traditional Chilango specialties for over 15 years, so you know it will be an authentic experience. You can also have them cater your next event!


Tel. 999 749 4580
FB: La Chilanga


El Apapacho - comida regional de México reginal cuisine

El Apapacho

This spot’s cozy courtyard is the perfect place to enjoy flavorful dishes from different parts of México, including Oaxaca and México City. For under $100 pesos a serving, you can try their incredible variety of Mexican cuisine and find out why “El Apapacho” (The Pampering) is the perfect name for this eatery. Its specialties include “Huaraches,” “Enmoladas Oaxaqueñas,” and “Chilaquiles” which will make you fall in love with every bite you take during this culinary experience in Mérida’s Centro Histórico. Vegan and vegetarian options are also on the menu, so everyone can “get pampered” by their authentic Mexican fare.


Tel. 999 923 1385
FB: El Apapacho “Comida nada gourmet y Arte”


Nopalísimo - comida regional de México reginal cuisine


Nopalísimo has a great variety of specials originating from Puebla and México City; you’ll be sure to find just what you’re looking for. Egg “Tlacoyos” served with “Nopales,” Quesadillas with “Tinga” or “Huitlacoche,” “Caldo Tlalpeño,” “Sopes,” and “Cemitas” are just some of their offerings. They also have lots of add-ons to choose from such as spinach, “Rajas con Crema,” mushrooms, and Oaxaca-style and cottage cheeses. To everyone’s delight, they come up with a new menu every two weeks, so you can try something different each time. They have two locations, reasonable prices, and are always serving up traditional Mexican flavors.


Tel. 999 227 4428
FB: Nopalísimo


El cazito de Michoacán - comida regional de México reginal cuisine

El Cazito de Michoacán

With 21 years in Mérida, there’s no doubt about it, this restaurant is a favorite of Merida’s local and out-of-state residents alike. They brought the best recipes from their hometown of Uruapan, Michoacán, and deliver incredible flavor every single time. Find tacos and tortas stuffed with “Carnitas,” “Buche,” “Pastor,” “Surtido,” “Birria,“ and “Chamorro;” the names might sound peculiar, but the flavor is there in every bite. Another house specialty is the “Sesadillas” (“Empanadas” filled with calf brains), serve them up with “Salsa Verde”, “Salsa Roja,” and a generous helping of chopped onions and cilantro. This is the place to fall in love with some authentic “Carnitas Estilo Michoacán”. Don’t miss out!


Tel. 999 944 0571
FB: El Cazito de Michoacán de la 60


Jardín Balbuena

It’s a dream come true, Jardín Balbuena serves up everyone’s favorite Mexican comfort classics. You have to try their famous “Sopes,” they’re great on their own or with “Tinga.” Quesadillas served with “Rajas Poblanas” or “Chicharrón Prensado,” fried tacos, tortas, “Burritas” or “Sincronizadas” filled with one of the many options on their menu are also popular choices. Enjoy their exceptional flavors while sitting on their outdoor terrace with the people you love the very most. Sample the best of México City, brought to you by Jardín Balbuena. You won’t regret it!


Tel. 999 944 4931
FB: Jardín Balbuena


Editorial by Claudia Améndola
Photography by Claudia Améndola for use in Yucatán Today

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