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How you can benefit from reflexology: Few people are aware of the fundamental role that is played by our feet when it comes to health and healing. What is more, very few people even pay attention to their feet. We tend to torture them and ignore them; they support our weight, deal with bad posture, and in general receive little care during their life span. Few are those that understand the role of our feet in our spiritual and physical wellbeing.

The feet represent the perfect micro-cosmos of the body. All of our organs, glands and other parts of the body are reflected in the feet as an image of the various parts of the body.

In reflexology, when you stimulate the reflexes in the feet, an involuntary response is produced in the organs and glands that are connected to the specific energy reflexes. When these reflexes are properly stimulated and manipulated, they have a profound influence on the state of our health.

The object of reflexology is to stimulate a return to homeostasis, or, in other words, a state of balance. One of the most important benefits of reflexology is its ability and efficiency in bringing a relaxed state to our bodies. 90% of today’s modern day illnesses are the direct result of prolonged exposure to stress. Reflexology massages can help eliminate the possibility of an illness that can have fatal results.

With the understanding that the spinal cord is an exact copy of the foot, the reflexology session starts with a deep massage of the lower part of the spinal cord, moving upwards towards the head, shoulders, neck and arms, taking the person to a true state of rest.

The healing art of reflexology is now in beautiful Merida; UK Reflexology is a clinic qualified by ITEC (International Therapy Examination Consul) and commmitted to help. Reflexology can release blockages and restore the free flow of energy to the whole body. Tensions are eased, and circulation and elimination is improved. This gentle therapy encourages the body to heal itself at its own pace, often counteracting a lifetime of misuse. Paseo Montejo #444-A Int. E7, at the corner of Perez Ponce, next to El Paseo Restaurant, across from Walmart. Tel. 999 999 254 0083. Cel. 9993-65 03 47.

Another reflexologist in Mérida is Nena Mier y Terán. For the past seven years she has been treating the feet of many a Meridano and many a tourist. She comments that the majority of the tourists call her asking for relief for their hot, tired feet from all the walking they are doing on their trip. She also says they want back relief from hauling suitcases and backpacks. Locals tend to have regular weekly appointments for the sheer feeling of relaxation, contentment and wellbeing. Once the person is nicely relaxed, aromatherapy is then employed. This is a holistic alternative that takes advantage of nature’s repairing effects. After having worked on the feet, the masseuse knows and has “seen” the person’s weak point(s); she/he then uses the fragrance that will help the person recuperate their balance. These aromas are: geranium for anxiety and to regenerate cells; eucalyptus and bergamot for respiratory problems; cinnamon and rose to regulate menstrual problems; melisa for irregular sleep; lavender for migraine headaches and as an analgesic; and orange for circulation and constipation.Her space is located in an old orchard (not many trees left, but there are some) on Calle 39 No. 483  between 54 and 56 – one and a half blocks from Paseo Montejo. Call for an appointment to cel: 9991 40 03 87. She speaks excellent English and has the healing hands of an angel. If you come by taxi, tell the driver to turn right at the El Triunfo store and proceed a block and a half. Her space is at the end of the driveway, to the left. [email protected]

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