Tai Spa clorofilaIf you are looking to reconnect with your inner self, The T’ai Spa is the ideal place to do so. From the moment you enter, you will smell the delicious scents that are used to perfume the air; this will be the first connection with your sense of smell. I assure you, it doesn’t matter whether you live here or you are visiting, with each service you receive you will experience a feast of the senses: wait for it.

My experience began with a delicious fragrance that opened my senses, followed by a warm smile from the reception team. After welcoming you, they will offer you water with chlorophyll, to activate your taste buds, and an internal process of purification will begin. Every detail is taken care of; when you arrive for your massage you will be asked to complete a form. It’s important to mention if you have any recent injury or discomfort, so it can be worked on during your massage session.

Your walk to the massage area will fill you with a sense of peace; the soft lighting alerts your sense of sight to observe every detail. Tai Spa maniicureWhen you get to your cabin, the candlelight and relaxing illumination starts having an effect on you. Once changed, you will be asked to lie down, and the magic begins. Put your senses on alert, especially your sense of touch, so you can feel each technique your therapist uses. Your sense of smell will be stimulated by the aromatherapy; when you breathe in you will feel the scents move all over your body. It is important to clear your mind and allow your sense of hearing to be alert to each of the musical notes. You will enjoy these sounds as you haven’t in a long time.

All the products that are used in the spa are organic and locally sourced; it’s an amazing experience to receive a treatment with the elements the Maya used, don’t you think? Some of these include sea salt from Celestún and coconut oil from San Crisanto.

Tai Spa pedicureOne of the house specialties is the services for hands and feet. If you have never thought that you could fall asleep during a manicure, you are wrong!

The moment you enter you feel a happy, peaceful and relaxing vibe, with bossa nova music, which was a very pleasant surprise for me! When your service begins, you are invited to put on an eye mask and collar filled with seeds, to help you relax, accompanied by some delicious aromatherapy. Let the music transport you to the beach, feel the ocean breeze, and let the personnel spoil you. Now do you believe me when I say you can fall asleep with a manicure or pedicure?

The T’ai Spa offers a huge variety of services, all focused on the wellness of their clients: from massages to body wraps to waxing. Everything is available for women and men.

Each moment is unique. Tell us about your experience!

Editorial by Natalia Bejarano Calero

The T’ai Spa
Monday to Saturday: 9 am – 8 pm
Calle 4 #138 x 11 y 13, Col. Montecristo
Tel: (999) 944 70 63


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