If you have chosen Yucatán for Christmas holidays, congratulations! You made the best decision, not only because of the wonderful places that our state has to offer, but also because of the exquisite gastronomy, the peaceful ambiance on our streets, and the amazing Maya culture that you will be able to learn about and experience.


The Maya didn’t celebrate Christmas or the new year as we do in December and January, because their lives were ruled by a calendar that had the new year on a different date. However, we can discover some of the places they considered sacred; others that have contact with nature, just as they liked; and the archaeological sites that show us their great discoveries: there are many destinations you must visit in Yucatán before the new year begins. Identify what type of traveler you are, and check out the ideas we have for you.


Flamenco en Río Lagartos

If you’re looking for the peacefulness of nature

If you need the sound of the sea to be inspired for the new year, then the Flamingo Route is for you. Celestún (“painted wall” in Maya), is a laid-back beach town located 91 km from Mérida, where you will find beautiful beaches, see a huge variety of flora and fauna on your tour of the mangroves and ría, especially the pink flamingos that will amaze you; plus you can enjoy the most delicious seafood.


In the neighboring town of Sisal, you can visit the Del Palmar state reserve and do some bird watching at the viewpoints and on the pier.


Cenote YaxbacaltunFor cenote lovers

Refresh and purify yourself in the water of the cenotes, sacred sites for the Maya. Don’t miss Cuzamá: you can do tours on a “truck,” a little cart pulled by horses to the cenotes: Chelentún, Santa Cruz and Dzapakal, among others. At Homún and Abalá you can visit the captivating cenotes located in those areas, all of them along the Cenotes Route that is part of the region where you will be amazed by each one’s beauty.


Tekax, gruta chocantes

Feel like an explorer

If you are one of those who prefers an extreme adventure, to feel the adrenaline, you must go to the “crystal caves” of Tekax that have some mineral formations in the shape of waves,  that shine brightly when they are illuminated with a flashlight: hence their name. To enter, an almost 8 km walk must be done; it takes 7 to 9 hours. They have a tourist information area. Also explore the Loltún, Sanahcat, and Balankanché caves.


Do some aquatic sports

If you love the sea, the sun, and sports, then the Emerald Coast of Yucatán is the ideal place for you to have some unforgettable experiences. You can start the year by practicing some kayak, sailing, windsurf, and kitesurf on Progreso and Chicxulub beaches, we can assure you that you’ll love it. You can also visit the San Crisanto mangroves and the virgin beaches of Dzilam de Bravo, or take some ecotouristic tours to Las Bocas and Punta Arenas.


This new year discover and be amazed by the beauty of Yucatán!


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Editorial by Violeta H. Cantarell
Born in Mérida, Violeta is a communicologist dedicated to writing and creating content on tourism, fashion, and entrepreneurship. She has recently started working as an English-Spanish translator.




Photography by Oscar Góngora, Yucatán Today, and Tania López for its use in Yucatán Today.

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