Yucatán has always been known for the famous “Green Gold” era, so-named for the henequén (sisal) that brought prosperity to the state. One of the most important icons of this period is the beautiful Quinta Montes Molina located on the famous Paseo de Montejo. The moment you enter this incredible house museum you will feel transported to another era; as you climb the elegant staircase and the doors open, you will feel as if Mr. Avelino, the second owner of the house, were personally welcoming you.

During your guided tour, walk around each room and take note of all the details. As a house museum, the original family furniture is beautifully preserved, together with many other belongings, such as the most recent display of hats, gloves and personal articles, worthy of admiration.

Ask the team of Quinta Montes Molina to tell you the family stories; they still stay at the house when they visit the city; I bet you didn’t know that! As soon as you enter a room take a close look at the articles with monograms: on the crockery, trays, and more. Admire the floors and ceilings and think about all the experiences and stories that they could tell you if they could talk.

Without a doubt, coming to Mérida and not visiting Quinta Montes Molina would make your trip incomplete. Plan your visit according to one of the tours.

Guided visits last for 40 minutes and have a cost of $100 pesos per person.
Spanish and English.
Mon-Fri. 11 am, 12, 3, and 4 pm.
Sat. 11 am and 12 pm.

Regular service includes a historical introduction and afterwards visitors can tour the place at their own pace unlimitedly.
Adults $85 pesos and children 6-12 $60 pesos.
With an INAPAM credential, teacher or student, a discount may be applied.

Paseo de Montejo #469 x Av. Colón y Calle 35
Tel. (999) 925 5999 / (999) 925 5124
FB: La Quinta Montes Molina

By Natalia Bejarano Calero

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