Posheria is a project begun in 2010 in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, with the purpose of rescuing and dignifying “pox” (pronounced “posh”), a traditional beverage from the indigenous communities of the Chiapas highlands. They are the pioneers in México of the distillation, bottling, and sale of this corn-based beverage. Each sip of Maya pox provides joy for the “fiesta”, elixir to cure the body, and a balm for the soul. Pox warms and caresses the heart.

“Pox Bankilal” is the name of the brand and in the Tsotsil language it means guardian and protector, our caretaker in our home, the brother who takes care of and accompanies us. Its artisan production is done in Mérida, where they recently opened their second Posheria, on the iconic Paseo de Montejo. They sell two types of traditional pox: white label (39% Alc. Vol.) and black label (53% Alc. Vol.). They also offer flavored pox: chocolate, coffee, honey, banana, and coconut, with 19% Alc. Vol.

Posheria’s line of controlled production organic coffee is made in the communities of San Pedro, Tenejapa, and Pantheló, Chiapas. They offer five varieties: typical, bourbon, caturra, garnica, and mundo novo. The production of this artisan coffee benefits micro coffee growers in a system of fair trade. The 2016 harvest was done with manual selection, washing, and drying in a domestic patio. Posheria has four blends available: San Pedro, Tenejapa, Pantheló, and a house blend. You can buy it in whole grain, ground, or a coffee to go.

Another important aspect of their work is supporting the communities, also under a fair trade structure, consists of the sale of textiles made in a cooperative of 250 artisans in 11 communities of the Chiapas highlands. This geographic diversity allows them to offer a wide range of traditional designs woven on backstrap looms with 100% cotton or wool thread, produced in the region, including shawls, table runners, tablecloths, cushions, and handbags.

Posheria also honors Chiapas amber, the precious stone whose formation comes from a vegetal resin from trees that are 25 to 40 million years old. The products, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, come from the Simojovel region, located in a tropical forest, recognized for its amber of great beauty.

Paseo de Montejo #486 x 41 y 43

Tel. 999 928 5496



“Pox” (pronounced “posh”), is a traditional beverage from the indigenous communities of the Chiapas highlands.

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