Popular Art Museum - Casa MolinaPopular Art Museum – Casa Molina

The Popular Art Museum (Museo de Arte Popular) presents a representative sample of the work of the great artisans of the country, including the excellent Yucatecan artists, who maintain the most authentic artistic expression alive in Mexico with their work.


The collection exhibited here is rich and varied. Its central nucleus constitutes the inheritance of the old Museum of the Maya People, now under the care of the Cultural Institute of Yucatán.


The Popular Art Museum is located in a beautiful residence dating from the beginning of the 20th century, at the corner of Calle 57 and 50-A, beside Mejorada park.


The house was built in 1900 for Carmela Molina, as a wedding gift from her father, Olegario Molina Solis. The house was designed by Italian architect Enrico Deserti and its construction was under the care of engineer Manuel Cantón Ramos.


Casa Molina was granted as a loan to the Cultural Institute of Yucatán by Banamex Cultural Fostering as the headquarters of the new Popular Art Museum, which reopened its doors July 28, 2007.


Permanent exhibit rooms: The permanent exhibit integrates a vast panorama of our popular art, in which pottery, textiles, stoneware, woodwork, miniatures and glass predominate, as examples of the work in various materials and the mastery in the application of varied techniques and procedures. The role of the communities with great artisan traditions stands out.


Temporary exhibit room Addy Rosa Cuaik: On the ground floor of the museum the temporary exhibit room is located, which has a space that shows off the richest and most varied popular art of our state, as well as the rest of Mexico.




In the museum store the visitor will find pieces made by the great artisans of various states of the country and of course the best and most representative of Yucatecan artisans. There you will find beautiful filigree jewelry, cocoyol, pottery from Michoacán, Jalisco, and Chiapas, archaeological reproductions, textiles, carved bullhorn, and many other products made with different techniques and materials.



Educational services

The museum has a department which executes educational programs and culture aimed at schools, institutions, national and foreign visitors, and the general public.



Guided visits

With advance reservation, the museum offers guided visits for groups, both from schools and the general public. The tours are free, with a maximum of 25 per group. Group visits can be arranged Tuesday through Saturday from 9 to 3:30. School group visiting time is at 9:30 am Tuesday through Saturday. General public group visiting time is at 11 am and 5 pm Tuesday through Saturday, and Sunday at 12 pm. Tour lasts 40 minutes.



Museo de Arte Popular de Yucatán – Casa Molina
Calle 50-A #487 por 57, Barrio de la Mejorada
Mérida, Yucatán, México
Calle 50-A No. 487 por 57, Barrio de la Mejorada, Mérida, Mexico

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