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We all dream about that special day…a day we can spend celebrating with the people we love most after having accomplished a dream, a goal, or a union. What first comes to most people’s minds is, of course, their wedding day, but our lives are filled with milestones that deserve to be commemorated. For some of us this means a graduation, a unique company event, a sweetheart’s trip, or an emotional family reunion.

When it comes to organizing celebrations, it helps to have an ally who can assist you in bringing your vision to life and manage stressful planning. And when it comes to events, no team comes close to Angélica Espinosa and Cristina Arroyave of Bakú Events.

We’ve got your back

Bakú is a planning company with over 10 years of experience and an impeccable reputation. They help you in designing your event concept from day one and are there for you all along the way, so that when the big day arrives you can truly let loose knowing you’re in the best of hands. In 2018, Angélica and Cristina purchased Bakú and are now working on growing the company.

This duo welcomed me into their offices to tell me all about the business, and their warmth and wonderful energy made me feel immediately amongst friends. Angélica and Cristina met 15 years ago and have spent all this time looking for the right ­­­opportunity to venture in a joint business which allowed them to bring together their friendly, committed, and visionary personalities. They spoke to me openly about the importance of having a business partner with whom you share both a work style and excellent communication in order to make what seems impossible, possible.

Yucatan Hacienda Event Wedding Why celebrate your special occasion in Yucatán?

Their common vision is apparent in both their work and their interactions. When I asked them “what makes people want to celebrate their special occasions in Yucatán?” They replied practically in unison that it’s because “Yucatán is unique and has it all.” They explained that after years of working with clients from all over the world they feel that visitors are drawn to Yucatán because of its exceptional cenotes and caves, its white-sanded beaches, and its colorful colonial towns; but that people truly fall in love with our state because of its culture, its food, and above all, its people. For this reason, they try to bring Yucatecan identity into each of their events; they do this by using natural materials such as henequén and endemic plants, as well as other elements which help accent the state’s natural qualities and purity. In addition to this, they always ensure attention to detail and good taste.

“Yucatán is a mature destination, this is what sets it apart,” they tell me. They know the state and its attractions like few people do after years of planning once-in-a-lifetime experiences for different companies in the tourism sector.

Among the services Bakú offers, are not only traditional weddings at haciendas and venues, for both local and foreign clients, but also the design and planning of all types of personalized events, such as corporate teambuilding and business retreats, pre and post-event trips for guests, openings, launches, and more.

Next time you have a special occasion, look for a team that can share in your excitement and brings the know-how to help you make your plans come true, just like Bakú Events.


Editorial by Maggie Rosado
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