One of the most eagerly awaited traditions by Yucatecans are the “pibes” (or “mucbipollos”) that are prepared for Hanal Pixán (Day of the Dead). This very special chicken dish is only prepared at this time of year, and in almost every home Yucatán. It’s an essential altar element for the dead.

Its name comes from the Maya and refers to a traditional cooking method of a hand-dug pit in the ground that is lined with stones and wood at the bottom. As soon as these are fiery hot they start cooking the “pib” that is covered with banana leaves and earth. After two hours it is unburied – nicely cooked – and it’s placed on the altar. Only after the prayers and when the deceased have enjoyed its essence and aroma, the living family can eat it. This way of preparing it is still used in all the pueblos, and the taste of the buried “pib” is completely unique.

We have created a list for you of places where you can go and eat (or order for take-out) a delicious “pib”:

Hacienda Chichén
Be part of the Hanal Pixán celebration, enjoy the pibes and the altar at the hacienda restaurant from October 31 to November 3.
Carretera Chichén ItzáValladolid
Tel. (999) 920 8407

Hacienda Ochil
Visit the hacienda with your whole family. You can enjoy pibes on October 28 and 29, plus you can enjoy a special Hanal Pixán kids’ show on the 29th.
Highway Mérida – Uxmal Km 34.5
Tel. (999) 924 7465

Restaurante Katún
They will serve them at the restaurant on October 31 and November 1.
Calle 60 #319-B between Av. Colón and Av. Cupules, Mérida
Tel. (999) 920 1482

Restaurante La Tradición
Try the mucbipollos Valladolid style on October 30, 31, November 1 and 2, and you can also order them to take home.
Calle 60 Norte at 25, Col. Alcalá Martín
Tel. (999) 925 2526

Restaurante Los Almendros
Go to the restaurant or order your delicious “pibes” during October and November 1 and 2.
Calle 50 x 57, Barrio de La Mejorada, Mérida
Tel. (999) 928 5459

Hacienda Xcanatún
You can try the traditional ¨pibes¨ from Hacienda Xcanatún from October 31st through November 2.
Carretera Mérida – Progreso Km 12, Comisaría Xcanatún.
Tel. (999) 9302140.
[email protected]

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