Situated at #587 Avenida Itáez x 73, and built during the late 40’s, is located the house which was known as the home of the actor and singer, the immortal idol Pedro Infante Cruz. The neighbors remember the sound of his voice, singing and rehearsing from inside the house.

This house, today known as the Hotel Boulevard Infante, rescued by Don Juvencio Sosa Chacón, is where the Mexican idol spent his last days of his mortal life. Pedro used to swim there with his son Pedro Infante and his daughter Lupita Infante Torrentera, when they visited him. His friends Silvia Pinal and singer Verónica Loyo also used to visit him often here.

Pedro Infante became famous for his “rancheras” songs, many of which are still popular in Latin America. He also was famous as an actor, playing “charro” characters in many Mexican movies, where he delighted others with his voice. He used to play the part of humble but brave people, emotional and gentle at the same time; this made him the quintessential symbol of the Mexican personality.

The night of April 14th, 1957 was unforgettable for the Mexican people. The idol came back to Mérida from an air trip to Quintana Roo and spent a nice evening accompanied by some local friends. On Monday the 15th, Pedro decided to go to Mexico City to appeal against the court ruling which declared María Luisa León as his only and legitimate wife, invalidating his marriage to Irma Dorantes, his partner at that time. The commercial flight was full, so he decided to travel in a cargo aircraft of Transportes Aéreos Mexicanos (Tamsa). The tragic accident occured after it took off from Mérida, when an engine failed and the aircraft crashed to the ground, on a house at Calle 85 x 54, Centro.

Pedro Infante came back to his house in Mérida that same day at 5 pm, where his friends had a wake for him in the underground room that served as a parking lot. Currently at this same place, there is a photo exhibit, and every April 15th, a rosary is sung at 5pm.

The house was later converted into the Hotel Boulevard Infante, preserving the swimming pool and the home’s essence of this Mexican idol. Its owner and the general administration admire him, and proudly keep the actor’s image and presence alive. “We work in a peaceful ambience, and at times we can still hear him singing to us while we work.”


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