Cenote CenotilloIn 2007 we drove our truck from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada through Mexico along the western coastal roads. We were looking for some place special to escape the harsh winters in our retirement years.

It was a long drive, but enjoyable, broken up by a lot of experiences and great places to see including cities, ruins, caves, and beaches. But by far our favorite upon arriving in the Yucatán were CENOTES!

In our travels we picked up a Yucatan Today magazine, being told it was full of information and sure enough while looking through it we found a write-up on a town with a large number of cenotes called Cenotillo; about halfway between Izamal and Tizimín.

We were off!!!

Having driven to the main square, we asked if there was anyone who spoke English.  Soon a polite young police officer approached and introduced himself as Juan Verde.  Over the next couple of days Juan was able to show us many cenotes and ruinas. Juan and his wonderful family fed us and found us places to stay.

This was the beginning of a close friendship, including his family (wife Clara, son Joseph, parents, his father (now deceased), Clara’s mother, and recently his brother David).

The winter of 2007 we did a lot of traveling around Mexico with friends, looking at different places, but we kept being drawn back to Cenotillo.

It was sad to leave that year but we drove down again in 2008. This time we rented a very nice house in Cenotillo. By the end of the winter we knew we had found “our special place”.  Juan helped us find a great little house and lot on the edge of town, only  1.5 km.  from our favorite cenote Ucil.

Tiring of the very long drive, we started flying down and using the efficient bus system to get around. In Cenotillo itself walking and biking are sufficient although there are new mototaxi’s.

The people are what really sold us on this town.  People are friendly, trying to help us with Spanish and throwing in the odd Maya word!

The builders here are true masters of their craft, very hardworking and always with a smile.  Cenotillo is a town on the move with new homes and businesses being constructed.

We would like to make special mention of the administration and police of the town. They both do an exceptional job, working WITH the people. The police are always involved helping out with celebrations, not just policing them. They also drive the ambulance taking the old and infirm to doctor appointments they may not otherwise be able to get to. They are always friendly and remind us that they are here if we need them. The administration looks after everyone, helping  those in need, plus keeping the town clean and running smoothly.

The more we come to our little casa the more we love it. We feel  accepted. When we are out different places and say we are from Cenotillo people that know it always say the same thing…..AHHH…TRANQUILO! That sums it all up.


There is an efficient  medical clinic and ambulance, new posada hotel, restaurant, and a newly developed cenote, and a tour guide business. You don’t have to lock up your bike, everyone will know it’s yours. They sell great tight weave hammocks. Anything you want they deliver to your door. Well stocked tiendas, no need for box stores. Great “SANTA CLARA” ball team. No ATM’s. Population 3701 (2010 census). Juan Verde is an excellent guide: Facebook Verde Brothers Cenotillo.

We are not writers by any means but wish to thank Yucatan Today for letting us tell our story and brag a little about our town. The magazine is such a useful guide and we do tell everyone to make sure to get one or go on the website to help plan their trip to the Yucatán.

Morris Morton and Shirley Crothers

[email protected]