Macay paralelismos

November and December 2012.

The process of continuity and renewal in the language of Mexican art is manifest in the exhibit Paralelismos Plásticos en México. Four decades in the collection BBVA Bancomer (1960-1990) are presented by the Fundación Cultural BBVA-Bancomer to mark the 80th anniversary of that financial group.

The exhibit is the result of the combined energies and collaboration between the authorities of the contemporary art museum Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Ateneo de Yucatán (MACAY) and the BBVA Bancomer foundation, to present, in a state cultural setting, an exhibit made up by a selection of works of art which come from companies within the BBVA financial group; a reflection of the cultural patronage the institution has fostered through various decades.

The curatorial project brings 61 pieces together from 58 artists, featuring Juan Soriano, Manuel Felguérez, Luis López Loza, Rafael Coronel and Pedro Friedeberg, among others. The works (painting, sculpture, and graphics) are mostly large format.

The discourse of the exhibit tries to situate the creators and their works within the context in which they came forth, through a visual discourse which brings the understanding of each of the artistic movements and proposals generated during those years.

The first section of the display tackles the process and the importance of two artistic movements which came about after the Mexican school of painting: the generation of the “rupture” and the “new figuration”, which had presence with the interiorists. As well, geometric abstraction is shown, which developed during the mid-60s. The second section features part of the contemporary proposals generated between 1980 and 1990. More than just a chronological sequence, the exhibit is made up of a collection of conceptual and style similarities, in which there is a presence of thematic paralellisms by visual artists.

The exhibit will remain on display until December 30. Free entry.

Calle 60 x 63 y 61, Centro


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