Located in the southern part of the state, some 100 km from Mérida, in the “citrus belt”, is the quaint Maya village of Oxkutzcab (Osh – koots – kob.) Oxkutzcab is a very good option for spending the night when you want to do the Convent Route one day and the Puuc Route the next, as it is located in the heart of both. By staying here, you will save time, money, energy and see a lot more. Oxkutzcab is also an interesting place to use as a base to really get into and see the southern part of the state.

The way to optimize time is to do the Convent Route one entire day, sleep in Oxkutzcab at the Hotel Puuc, then continue on the next day with the Puuc Route, ending up in Mérida after seeing the Light and Sound Show in Uxmal. Or you can stay in Uxmal after the Light and Sound Show.

In this very Maya city of Oxkutzcab, you will find hotels and restaurants and interesting sights that include colonial churches, Maya pyramids, Loltún caves, Hacienda Tabi and the fascinating market that is the gathering center for all the citrus crops that this southern part of the state is so famous for. Founded in 1841, the population is 29,325.

Things to see: San Francisco Convent (1790 – 1851), San Esteban Chapel (1872), The Virgin Pilar Hermitage (1697), the train station (1947) the wonderful citrus aroma market, and the huge tricycle taxi population.

Puuc Route: Loltún caves, Labná, Xlapak, Sayil, Kabáh, Santa Elena (mummies), Uxmal.

Convent Route: Acancéh (Maya pyramids, churches), Tecóh, Telchaquillo, Mayapán (Maya pyramids), Tekit, Mama, Chumayel, Teabo, Tipikal, Maní and Oxkutzcab.

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