Let your spirit of adventure spirit guide you along new routes to discover Yucatán. Exploring small towns along the way could be a great way to reach your destination. You will discover unique areas located in the heart of the henequén zone, so take lots of pictures and have a wonderful time!

Cenotes, haciendas, nature and colonial magic!
Take the highway to Tixkokob and visit Tixpéhual, Cacalchén, Bokobá and Tekal de Venegas up to Izamal. Then drive back through the main highway from Izamal to Mérida.

Tixpéhual is your first stop. Visit the temple of San Martín Obispo, built in colonial times. Take a good look at the church cornice; it looks like flames. In the main park there is a sculpture by Enrique Gottdiener Soto, dedicated to motherhood.

Back on the main road, drive to Cacalchén. Visit the town hall and the temple of Saint Peter and Saint Paul built in the 16th century. During the last week of June, from the 20th to the 29th, the annual fiesta in honor of these two saints, the town patrons, takes place; the whole town gets involved. During Holy Week there is a traditional procession through the streets, carrying the image of the Aké Christ, expressing gratitude for the miracles and blessings given.

During your walk around Cacalchén, take note of the “albarradas” (characteristic walls of Yucatán’s small towns, built with stones) and colorful bouganvillia. Ask about the cenotes that are safe for swimming, like “Ayin,” located inside a semi-open cave, and take a moment to refresh yourself in the cool water. There is a $20 pesos entry charge.

6 km further along the highway you will find Bokobá, a town full of unexpected surprises such as the Temple and Ex Convent of the Virgin of Assumption, built in the 17th century, benches made of granite in the main park, colorfully painted doors, and of course many bicycles, the main transportation in town.

The last town along the route is Tekal de Venegas, 30 km away from Cacalchén and 14 km from Izamal. The temples of Saint Roman and Saint Peter are painted in the characteristic yellow and have the traditional staircases. You can also do some eco-archaeological activities at Ox Watz, which has an old sisal hacienda, three watering holes (Tzatz, Kanab and Ox Watz), the archeological site of X’Batún, the Cenote Azul (blue) and Kukulá cenote. There are activities including bicycle tours, bird-watching, and observation of local trees.

And finally, proceed to Izamal, the last destination of an amazing day of adventures!

By Violeta H. Cantarell

– Peninsula de Yucatán
– Izamal

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