oasis-ninosThe Oasis of San Juan de Dios is a non-profit organization which began its work in 1993, through a group of people who were directly or indirectly affected by the pandemic of HIV/AIDS. Their work is completely free. They offer integral attention in their shelter, rehabilitation, defense of human rights, prevention and teaching, political impact, advocacy, and funeral services.

Their mission is to provide integral, holistic attention at no profit to those who are affected by HIV/AIDS who are without resources and social security, to improve their quality of life.

Their objectives are to create shelters or refuges for those who are living with HIV/AIDS; defend and promote personal constitutional and human rights; and promote the prevention of HIV/AIDS in specific vulnerable groups, as well as the general public, with scientific information.

Their vision is to improve the political and social climate concerning HIV/AIDS so that those living with the illness can improve the quality of their lives; become an institution which can give support to those who are ill with HIV/AIDS in an integral way: physical, psychological, and emotional, to help them survive with the illness; and stimulate political action to achieve legislative changes to defend human rights; and be the promotors of education about HIV/AIDS prevention through the correct use of the condom.

The beneficiaries of the work of Oasis are those of all ages, with scarce resources and no social security, with priority to rural areas and indigenous people living with HIV/AIDS.

Achievements include a shelter which generates change by improving integration into society, making a better country; free medications for those of scarce resources; and in 2009 a specialized clinic for HIV/AIDS, beside the ramp of the O’Horan hospital.

Oasis has impacted HIV/AIDS prevention in more than 16,000 young people in rural areas, schools, and summer beaches; sensibility training and teaching about HIV/AIDS to more than 320 medical students in the fifth semester at UADY; they have improved the quality of life for more than 700 people living with HIV/AIDS in the state of Yucatán; and they have contributed to the access of medications in IMSS for more than 1500 people and health services for more than 800 people.

Many of the medications needed are not included in the IMSS nor ISSTE nor Seguro Popular system, they must be purchased. The installations require rapairs as well as continuation of the projects. The Oasis de San Juan de Dios needs a lot of help…from people like you!

Yucatan Today organizes an annual fundraising event for Oasis: read about the 2012, 2013, 2014 , and 2015 events, which raised $97,214 pesos, $213,176 pesos, $272,315 pesos, and $255,200 pesos respectively.

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Contact: Carlos Renan Mèndez Benavides
Email: [email protected]
Calle 11 No. 101 X 22 Hwy. to Chicxulub
Col. San Isidro, Conkal, Yuc.

FB: San Juan De Dios Albergue

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