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For an unforgettable night out, try Noches de Leyendas: a combination tour / play with a historical and tourism focus, offering its participants a fun evening with knowledge as the main goal. There are seven scenes with actors in each one. It includes historical landscapes of regional history. The actors are incredible and there is plenty of intrigue and humor from beginning to end.

The participants walk through the streets of Historic Centro Mérida, guided by a narrator who tells chronicles, stories and legends (in Spanish) about the city center during colonization. This narrator is dressed in period costume and through the duration of the tour he mentions important historical sites with the dates and personalities of those who participated in the building of our city, from the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries.

The members of the audience become actors too; the actors and narrator speak directly to them and involve them in the scenes.

The scenes and characters are:

1. Teatro Peón Contreras. Here we meet the narrator, Don Clemente Cárdenas, who describes the theater and also UADY. This is where we meet Confetti (Harlequin).

2. The church of Tercera Orden, built in XVII century, belonging to the Jesuits.

3. The Cathedral of Mérida.

4. The plaza of XCANZI´HO. Here we meet Maya king A`a Chakan, and a musician.

5. La Casa de los Montejos.

6. The tunnels under the Casa de Los Ladrillos. Here the narrator takes the group inside, where another scene takes place.

7. The Convent of the concepcionist nuns. Here we meet two nuns who tell us a legend. They are very animated and it is lots of fun.

Screenplay and direction: Maricruz Hernández.

Friday and Saturday nights at 9 pm. $140 pesos adults, $120 pesos adolescents and seniors, $80 pesos children.

Starting point: at the Teatro Peón Contreras, Calle 60 x 59 y 57.

Reservations: Cel. or Whatsapp:  9991 29 15 02


“A cultured person is one who knows the history of the place where he lives.”


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