“Horizontes” (horizons), exhibition by Ilse Gradwohl (Gleiscorf, Austria, 1943), is a collection of 20 paintings (oil and monotypes) from the past six years of the artist’s work.

Macay Ilse GradwohlAbout Ilse’s work, Juan García Ponce wrote: “There is a state of silence and a need to break it.” The beauty of the paintings that are included is undeniable: they are the breaking of that silence.

“El Paisaje Como Proceso” (landscape as a process) s an exhibition that brings together a carefully chosen, representative selection of the work of Mexican potter Gloria Carrasco, who studied architecture and has a Master in Urban Development.

The 17 pieces that are displayed include sculptures, reliefs and a sound installation “Interfaz Cielo y Tierra” (interface of heaven and earth). These pieces are made with different techniques including high temperature ceramic glaze or high temperature rust and ceramic glaze.

In David Sierra’s exhibition “Bisnes de la Guerra” (the business of war) the Yucatecan artist shares the creative and also experimental universe that he has developed over the years. The freestyle, constantly changing pieces represent the battlefields, and dreams of colorful shapes; concepts that reveal emotions, and that vibrate and coexist between light and darkness.

“Psicografías. Retrato del Padre” (psychography: portrait of the father) is a photograph cartography series created by Macay Gloria CarrascoFrancisco Martín, who shares with the public his intimate but universal search for the father figure. The photos became a catalyst to approach the existential, theoretical and esthetic conflicts that the author establishes as a somatic experience for the viewers.

Through a camera lens created by the Yucatecan artist, this series goes beyond pure technique in order to to find his way through the paths his father made before he died.

Finally, in his graphic studio, Jorge Méndez Arceo has done a great variety of serigraphy pieces for public institutions, museums, galleries and local, national and foreign visual artists. The Expoforo exhibits “Acervo Serigráfico,” (serigraphy retrospective) of more than 20 years of work by Méndez Arceo.
The exhibits are on display from July through September.

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