acupunturaNancy Hokenson is a licensed certified acupuncturist. She has a masters degree in acupuncture and 14 years of post graduate study with Korean master Sung Baek, as well as several certifications for graduate study she has done. Prior to graduating from acupuncture school, she worked as a registered nurse in the US for 26 years. She has had a successful acupuncture practice since 1993 in New Jersey, and has now moved to Merida and is opening a practice here.

Most people are aware of the use of acupuncture to address pain, but there are many other areas of use from allergies to arthritis to gastrointestinal problems, and more. Women who experience issues from infertility to menopause find relief when they seek help with acupuncture. Cancer therapy support during chemotherapy and radiation is an area many people do not know can be helped with acupuncture, so their recovery is faster and less damaging to their overall health.

An area which is becoming more and more prominent is stress relief. With all the problems surrounding us in our world and many individual concerns, stress is with many people daily. It can lead to many health issues which people think are unrelated but actually weaken our systems, and then illness occurs. Acupuncture is excellent for the relief of stress. Depression is helped with this mode of therapy also. Use of general balance and for keeping our health in order is something most people do not realize will be helped with acupuncture.

In her practice, Nancy has helped people with many disorders of circulation, fluid imbalance, stroke recovery, migraine headaches, skin disorders, immune problems, chronic fatigue and the common cold and flu. She has also done face rejuvenation which is also also certified in, and eyelid lifts for cosmetic value and for better vision.

There are many more areas for the use of acupuncture, and the NIH (National Institute of Health) has listed many of these on their website. Nancy’s practice offers acupuncture, use of moxibustion, NAET allergy elimination, cosmetic acupuncture, chi gong and longevity practice instruction. You can reach her for questions or appointments by email at [email protected] or phone at 999 925 2691 or cell 9991 64 01 24.

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