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“Sharing Spaces…”

The constant movement and change that goes on in this cultural space is well known in Mérida’s artistic world. Melva Medina and Abel Vázquez, two well known artists in the area, are reaping the benefits of their dedication, passion and love in forming this art gallery.

In their home where they live their daily lives as any family does. With two daughters, also interested in art, Meztli shows great talent towards drawing along with ballet; Citlalli enjoys painting and is experimenting with other mediums.

In their studio, the area constantly changes the aspect of being a house, depending on what each artist is creating at the moment. When you visit you will most likely find them working on their
different projects. And two or three times a year, this area is transformed into the workshops that they offer, teaching sculpture and drawing.

In their art gallery, the most important space: the welcoming entrance to their home, the living room and dining room, along with all the rooms, are wonderfully decorated with all their art pieces and forms.

In the gallery, you can take your time enjoying each and every piece while either sitting on a comfortable living room couch or at the dining room table, all while receiving the personalized attention of the artists, Melva and Abel.

Presently, they are sharing their space with two distinguished internationally known colleagues: sculptor Olivia Guzmán and painter Enrique López Pacheco.
Nahualli Casa de los Artistas is interested in youth and art education. With this in mind, they invite high school and college students who have artistic interests to participate in various activities.

They also host Chamber Music presentations and literary readings. And all the while, tourists like to drop in to see what’s going on and enjoy the space and the art. Nahualli Casa de los Artistas is truly a place where you can get food for your spirit.

The Value of Art

ABEL VÁZQUEZ, Oaxacan Artist

Over time, art has had the capacity to preserve cultural values, registering the realities of past eras. Objects of art gain value with the passing of time, and become collectors’ jewels.

Who doesn’t recognize the value of old and modern art alike? Whether “art nouveau”, or something by Diego Rivero or Frida Kahlo, they implicitly carry an economic movement inside.

The most important business owners of the world have the best collections of art.

Famous people maintain an art collection as an alternative to investment, and have been the stimulus to new artists whose work begins to appreciate in value because of its collector status. Within this distinguished vanguard groip, providing growing value in the acquisition of his work, is Abel Vazquez, Oaxacan artist who currently resides in Merida, sharing his vast and beautiful collection of works of his own creation, in his Studio-Home, located in the neighborhood of Santa Ana.

This artist, distinguished worldwide for the excellent quality of his work and his professionalism, works in a very contemporary style, in themes filled with very Mexican magic, color, mysticism, and spirituality.

You should allow yourself the privilege of acquiring one of his works, enjoying it, adding a touch of distinction and good taste in the décor of your home, business, or office.

Drop in and visit! Leave them your info and they will send you their calendar of activities.

Nahualli Casa de los Artistas
Calle 60 No. 405 x 43 y 45
 Santa Ana downtown Mérida.
Tel.: + 52 (999) 928 65 66
Cel: (044 999) 220 6032
[email protected]

Mayakoba Art Gallery / Nahualli Casa de los Artistas

It is said by many that the Fairmont Mayakoba (just north of Playa del Carmen) is the finest hotel on the entire Riviera Maya. The numerous AAA-4 Diamond Awards that grace the sensational entrance lobby support this statement. The fact that Mérida artists Abel Vázquez and Melva Medina have been invited to inaugurate the art gallery in this exclusive hotel’s business and convention center with 92 pieces of their varied art is an affirmation that their art is spectacular. Abel is showing 69 pieces and Melva 23.

Reigning from the states of Michoacán and Oaxaca, Melva and Abel are Mexican artists whose themes in their artwork are 100% Mexican. When the Fairmont Mayakoba hotel decided to open an art gallery, they specifically wanted to show Mexican art to their guests. With this in mind, they went on a quest to find Mexican artists whose works were of the caliber that one would expect to find at their hotel – fine, high class works in a high class setting.

Melva and Abel and the Fairmont Mayakoba found the perfect match in each other and the project began. The Mayakoba offers  an unequaled travel experience in five different ecosystems: mangrove, tropical forest, lagoons, water canals and coastal dunes. Melva and Abel offer true Mexican art in bronze, pastel, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic and oil plus various weavings that will take your breath away. Whether it is a sculpture or a painting that you are looking for to enhance your collection, you will be enthralled with Melva and Abel’s works.

Owners of the studio and workshop Nahualli Casa de Artistas in Mérida, Yucatán, Melva and Abel are experienced artists with a large following of Mexican and international art collectors in their portfolio of admirers and clients.

To see this marvelous collection, contact and make an appointment with Margarita Beltrán, the director of the exhibition. She can be reached at [email protected]

If you are actually a guest at the Fairmont Mayakoba, stroll over to the business and convention area and enjoy the works that are strategically placed along the long entrance hall and on the huge walls of the areas.

You will find large pieces and smaller pieces in a variety of techniques and mediums making it obvious that Melva and Abel are talented artists.

Experts at packaging and sending their works worldwide, the logistics of how to get your new piece of artwork home are all taken care of.

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