Imagine the experience of internationally known musicians performing less than a meter away from you, in an intimate concert at a hacienda… only in Yucatán!

Russia, Bulgaria, the USA, and England are the countries that the members of the International String Quartet of Yucatán (ISQY) call home. Founded in 2011, these musicians have now chosen to live in Yucatán, sharing their talents in memorable performances of violin, viola and cello.

The quartet members, who also perform in the Yucatán Symphony Orchestra (OSY), have music formations in such institutions as Juilliard School of Music, Curtis Institute, Trinity College, National Music Academy of Bulgaria, and the Saint Petersburg Conservatory. The talent and passion they put in every performance have allowed them to find new ways of attracting different publics closer to classical music. They began six years ago with a monthly concert season from September to June at Hacienda Xcanatún, their first hacienda host.

For the upcoming sixth season, ISQY is debuting in a new hacienda, the “Gran Sala” of the majestic Hacienda Santa Cruz Palomeque, a place full of trees, vegetation and 17th century buildings. It’s a dream scenario for these monthly Thursday concerts (at 8 pm), with pieces especially chosen for each date. The performances are an hour and a half long.

Since the beginning of the project, they have demonstrated that there is a huge existing repertoire of melodies written for string, to delight everyone. For two consecutives years, they have won an award from the Municipal Fund for the Scenic and Music Arts.

Christopher Collins, US violinist, and first violinist in the Yucatán Symphony Orchestra, is the leader of this group. Timothy Myall, British violinist, since 2013 is violinist in the Symphony Orchestra. Nikolay Dimitrov, from Bulgaria, is the first viola in OSY, and Nadezka Golubeva, Russian cellist, performing as the co-principal in the Symphony Orchestra. Together they have formed this quartet that has gained recognition and appreciation from the Yucatecan community.

Only 20 minutes from Mérida Centro, taking exit #2 Dzununcán via Periférico, this hacienda will transport you to the henequén era, and ooffers dinner services at the Valentina restaurant with a delicious menu created by recognized chef Margarita Carrillo Arronte.

Upcoming concerts: February 2, March 16, April 20, May 25, and June 22
Price $210 pesos. Tickets online and at the Hacienda.

By Violeta H. Cantarell

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