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To give you an idea of Yucatecan culture and traditions, as well as the southern region of our country, you can’t miss the Museo de Arte Popular de Yucatán (folk art museum).

Also known as Casa Molina, the museum is located in a stunning residence which dates back to the beginning of the 20th C, built in 1900 for Carmela Molina, as a wedding gift from her father, Olegario Molina Solís. Don Olegario, who was a wealthy henequén merchant, was governor of Yucatán and Minister of Promotion in the government of President Porfirio Díaz in 1906.

The building was designed by Italian architect Enrico Deserti, and the construction was done by engineer Manuel G. Cantón Ramos, who was very popular at that time for residential construction, some of which you can see as you walk along Paseo de Montejo (including General Cantón’s residence, Museo Palacio Cantón; or the “twin houses” of the Cámara Zavala brothers, Las Casas Gemelas).

The house has two floors. On the main floor are the offices of the owner and the service areas. The second floor is reached by an elegant Carrara marble stairway. With a view of Parque de La Mejorada are the salon and the library. The former bedrooms are along the length of the dining room, and are all now occupied by the exhibition rooms. At the back is the luxurious dining room, the kitchen, and the laundry room.

In 1924, a wealthy merchant, Manuel Zapata Martínez, bought the mansion as a wedding gift for his daughter; and upon her death the house was restored and converted into the current museum, which has been open since 1989.

The main objectives of the museum are to strengthen the work of the great artists of the country and of the popular Yucatecan artists, preservation of the cultural heritage, and promotion of artisans through the display of their work. The museum also has projects and programs for children and supports the marketing of high quality work.

Inside its rooms, you can learn about the marvellous, colorful universe of jewels, adornments, and textiles that have made Yucatán famous (with videos demonstrating how filigree jewelry is made) including a wide variety of materials such as stone, pottery, metal, straw, linen, henequén and more, as well as beautiful fine furniture, perfect for decorating any room or even an entire house.

The museum is full of life, where all artists feel included, valued, and respected, as their works are equally appreciated. After your visit, browse through the museum shop, where you will surely fall in love with more than one item, at very accessible prices. Support Mexican talent!

Calle 50-A x 57, Centro, beside Parque de La Mejorada
Tuesday – Saturday 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday 10 am – 3 pm

Free entry


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