If furniture could speak, it would surely have fascinating stories to tell. In the world of interior design, there’s a special place where these pieces come to life: welcome to Muebles en Tránsito, a space where the past meets the present and shapes the future.


The Art of Redesigning Spaces

Sillón by Muebles en TránsitoWhat truly sets Muebles en Tránsito apart is its mission to rescue the essence of vintage furniture and give it a fresh opportunity to shine in new spaces. When you step into MET’s expansive warehouse and explore the aisles of its showroom, it’s hard not to think about those pieces that have been part of your grandparents‘ decor for as long as you can recall (or even long before that), bearing the echoes of bygone eras.


You’ll be amazed at how these pieces acquire a new identity when placed in a contemporary setting. The same item, now reimagined, becomes the centerpiece of an entirely different stage, preserving a legacy in every detail while gracefully adapting to a more modern context.


Many pieces you’ll see here are silent witnesses of past generations and possess an exceptional quality that has allowed them to endure over time. Yet, in our fast-paced modern world, their worth is sometimes overlooked. Muebles en Tránsito aims to change that perception.


“Age doesn’t diminish its worth”—that’s the mantra of this project. If you have a keen eye, you’ll notice various pieces influenced by European styles, with unique carving techniques from the Peninsula; they are treasures deserving of appreciation. But if that’s not your style, don’t worry, there’s an endless array of styles and designs; beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all.


Three Lines, Countless Stories

Muebles en Tránsito by Sara AlbaAt Muebles en Tránsito, you’ll discover three distinct furniture lines:


Muebles en Tránsito: These unique pieces have incredible stories and unmeasurable emotional value. The mission is to ensure they end up in the hands of those who truly appreciate them. Here, it’s not about restoring but preserving the authenticity and nostalgia of each piece. Prices for this line decrease over time, but don’t wait too long! If you’re interested in a specific piece and decide to wait for a price drop, it might not be available on your next visit.


Metamorfosis: In this line, furniture is partially or fully restored, ranging from 5% to 100%. Just as the name suggests, these pieces undergo a metamorphosis that bestows upon them a new splendor.



METODO: For those seeking fresh and modern options, MET also offers a selection of brand-new furniture at fixed prices. There are choices to suit every taste and style.


Armario by Muebles en TránsitoAny piece you choose is ready to grace your home from the moment you purchase it. The prices, treasures in themselves, range from $1,000 to $50,000 pesos, which is astonishing considering that among these gems, you can find pieces resembling those exhibited in prestigious museums across Europe.


On the flip side, if you (or your grandparents) are thinking about finding a new home for your beloved antique furniture, allowing their legacy to live on in the hands of someone who will cherish them as much as you did, get in touch with Muebles en Tránsito through their social media. Once assessed, the MET team will go to great lengths to ensure your furniture continues to illuminate someone else’s space.


Mesita by Muebles en TránsitoAt Muebles en Tránsito, objects take on a new life, and stories intertwine in a beautiful tapestry of design and nostalgia. If furniture could speak, they would find their voice and audience here. The next time you seek to add a special touch to your space, visit Muebles en Tránsito and let yourself be seduced by the charm of the old and the new, entwined in an eternal dance of interior design.


Calle 60 #261-B, Col. Buenavista, Mérida
Tel. 999 442 9352
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By Sara Alba
Panamanian with a Mexican accent since 2005. Editorial Assistant, a walking jukebox, and always lurking on social media, in the constant search of hidden gems to visit and share.


Photography by Muebles en Tránsito, and Sara Alba for its use in Yucatán Today.

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