Second chances exist, and Muebles en Tránsito proves it. Over the years, Muebles en Tránsito has become a favorite spot for those who wish to renew their spaces with furniture that has history. Here, people of all ages arrive with the desire to decorate their new homes with “pre-loved” furniture, taking another step towards sustainability and supporting the environment.


MET Muebles is unique and eclectic from floor to ceiling. It’s a meeting point for all sorts of furniture looking for a new owner, someone who will allow them to once again occupy a special place in their homes. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an old or a new piece of furniture, modern, rococo, avant-garde, or in the classic Yucatecan style, Muebles en Tránsito welcomes any item that has the potential to live a few more years in these gorgeous and humid Yucatecan lands.


Currently, the store has three brands to satisfy its customers.



MET is their Consignment line in which you will find furniture under a “reversed” auction dynamic; in other words, the price goes down as time goes by. This way, you can take home the same piece at a lower price just a few weeks later, but watch out! Someone may arrive before you do.



Then we have METAMORFOSIS, their Restoration line. This furniture undergoes a rejuvenation process that is all about aesthetics and functionality. The ultimate goal is to maintain the piece’s original style.


Do you need a unique, dynamic piece of furniture with a very clean design? Don’t worry! METODO – the new 2021 line from Muebles en Tránsito – gives you exactly what you are looking for. The items in this collection are unique and ideal for any residence.


With three different lines at the best price, Muebles en Tránsito has many options that you’re sure to love, and in turn, they make it very difficult for you to choose just one piece of furniture to take home; in fact, you just might succumb to the temptation and decide to purchase more than one item. And you know what? The temptation is very real! You’re going to want everything.



At Muebles en Tránsito you’ll find just what you have in mind! Even that unique piece you’ve been dreaming about forever and which fits perfectly in any corner of your home; just come and find it at MET Muebles.


Calle 60 #261-B, Col. Buenavista, Mérida
Tel. (999) 442 9352
FB: Muebles en tránsito
IG: mueblesentransito



Editorial by Olivia Camarena
Editorial Assistant



Photography by Olivia Camarena for use in Yucatán Today.

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