Muebles en Tránsito brings an innovative concept that will change the way you shop for furniture, so that your house can look like it comes right out of a magazine.

At MET, you’ll find different pieces, from living rooms, dining sets, antique mirrors and dressers, to patio furniture; and at this store all furnishings have one thing in common: they’re second-hand.

But don’t let that scare you off! On the contrary, this is a very popular concept in the United States and in Europe, and it just so happens to be an environmentally-friendly and economical alternative, because prices drop with every passing day.

Furniture with a history

All the furniture at MET has a story; and they are defined as being “pre-loved,” because they have truly been a member of the family in their former households. Now, they’re on the look for someone who can care for them and appreciate them in the same way.

So, how does it work? Furniture is given on consignment and MET picks it up at your home and places it in their Showroom. If the piece isn’t sold in 75 days, the owner can either pick it up, or donate it to MET. They will either restore it and sell it in their Metamorphosis area, or donate it to a charity organization, such as children’s homes, retirement homes, etc.



If you’re looking for something unique or unusual; if your kids have grown up and your looking to remodel their old bedrooms; or if you inherit furniture you’re not quite sure what to do with, MET is the perfect place to pick out (or drop off) whatever you need.

An eco-friendly option that also supports several causes

As you can see, this company isn’t focused on just selling furniture. Altruism, care for the environment, and a passion for interior design, are at the very core of this business.

Now that you know more about MET, it’s time to go and discover this great alternative to purchase the furniture of your dreams. There isn’t another store like it in Mérida; go see this innovative concept, and more importantly, become a part of it.

You can contact them through their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram or through Whatsapp. On their website, you’ll find a furniture catalogue. And if you would like some advice on where to place your newly purchased items, make sure to ask the staff!



Muebles en Tránsito
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Editorial by Claudia Améndola
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