merida-tradicional-sala-2Three years ago, after 15 years providing custom furnishings and architectural elements in San Miguel de Allende, the proprietors of Evos decided to open their Mérida location: Mérida Tradicional Furniture. Because of the similar trends in historical restorations of colonial buildings in both cities, their Mérida location has met with the same success and popularity as their original showroom in San Miguel. People come to their stores and shop on their website because of their extensive experience and international recognition; they have been featured in the hardcover book “Haciendas, Spanish Houses in the U.S. and Mexico” by Linda Leigh Paul, as well as on the cover of Architectural Digest, to name just a couple of examples. In addition to providing furnishing and design services to homeowners in San Miguel and Mérida, they export to people in the US as well, especially in the southwestern states where Spanish colonial furniture is the most popular.

In San Miguel de Allende and central Mexico, as well as in Yucatán, there is a rich artisanal tradition with experts in wood carving, tin work and forged iron, ceramics and stone; however, even with such a rich tradition, there has often been a lack of design and criteria of quality that could contribute to authentic and attractive products for a broader market.

The designers at EVOS and Mérida Tradicional mainly focus their creative energies on the golden age of Spanish design from the 17th Century, along with Italian and Moorish influences which also contribute to the uniqueness of Spanish and Spanish Colonial design. Besides working from an innovative design viewpoint, they make use of the best materials, construction techniques, and quality control, exclusively utilizing, from the beginning, certified imported woods for all their wood furniture, which not only improves the quality of the finished product but is also congruent with their concern about the out-of-control deforestation of Mexico’s forests.

What sets Mérida Tradicional apart is their unique combination of three products and services: traditional styling imported upholstered furniture from the US; custom furniture designed by their in-house architect; and their wood and iron Spanish Colonial furniture. Their designs are classic rather than trendy, and the quality of the materials and construction is sturdy and long-lasting. They also provide architectural elements including columns, trim, etc. in limestone and wood, cabinetry, patio furniture and garden elements, and traditional kitchen cabinetry.

Mérida Tradicional offers décor which never goes out of style, and export-quality furniture to last a lifetime, proudly made in Mexico.

Paseo de Montejo x 45
Tel. (999) 923 8560


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