I really do mean “kids” as in children. I’m not trying to be cool, I promise. If you want to know about the adult fun stuff to do in Mérida, you’ll have to read the rest of this magazine because I’ve got nothing. If, however, you want to know where to take your actual, real kids at dusk, then this is the article for you!

The heat of the city means that a lot of life takes place in the evening, even for families with younger children. It’s not at all unusual to see kids out and about on the streets and in parks at 10 pm.

So, where to go?


Family Fiesta

Everyone will enjoy the ambiance of Noche Mexicana on a Saturday night. Head down to the bottom of Paseo de Montejo to check out local dance groups and food stalls. The atmosphere here is very family-friendly and my kids always enjoy a good run around. Couple this with either the monthly night-time Biciruta or a stroll through Centro from Paseo de Montejo to the Plaza Grande while the roads are shut to motorized vehicles. For my kids, the biggest treat of all would be a stop at Sorbetería Colón on either Plaza Grande or Paseo de Montejo, for a truly fabulous local sorbet.


Parks Galore

Well, if you want to take younger kids somewhere that will blow their minds, then I recommend either Parque Las Américas (García Ginerés) or Parque Alemán from around 6 pm. Both parks turn into child-heaven with electric cars, bounce houses, street food snacks, and even an old and small fairground at Parque Alemán. Not only will the kids have a wild-old time, but this is also the perfect opportunity to really see what Mexican family life looks like.


Fun Around Town

For slightly older kids, the new trampoline park, Flip Out, in Fraccionamiento Las Américas, followed by tacos at El Ñero across the street, would be a great evening out (Flip Out closes at 9 pm). There are also a number of cinemas showing Spanish and English language versions of all the latest releases – Cinemex and Cinépolis both have good websites that are easy to navigate.

Pizza Night – Always a Hit!

If the kids love pizza and arcade games, then Peter Piper Pizza will be a surefire hit. If the kids love pizza and chilling out, then Monique’s Bakery has Friday pizza night that is a great option for families, with healthy pizzas and a great outdoor space for relaxing and listening to music (check the FB for live music sessions).



Take Them to the Ballgame!

For the sporty kids, why not see if there’s a baseball match on when you’re in town? The Leones is a good team and the modern and well-equipped stadium is easily accessible. And slightly further afield, if you’re in Progreso, the brand new Malecón (esplanade) is a fun place for everyone as evening falls. Locals and visitors alike will enjoy a walk along here. Kids can play and explore while the adults can stroll and enjoy the breeze.


Editorial by Cassie Pearse
Photography by Cassie Pearse for use in Yucatán Today

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