“Pop Up Stores” are spaces that open for a limited amount of time, where there is a direct experience between the brand and the user, providing a different, exclusive component through an original sales concept.”

The Mercadito, conceived in 2011, is a platform that involves the most creative artists in the city, selected for their trajectory, products, and quality.

On Saturday, December 17th, the first edition of Mercadito Luxury Pop Up Store presented by Mini Cooper will take place at Victory Platz (Ave. García Lavín opposite Ateneo School), located in the north of Mérida from 10 am to 10 pm. Free entrance. This initiative supports the work of the artists by selling their products in an original way. We want to generate a different and exclusive experience between the brand and the user.

The Mercadito Luxury Pop Up Store will be prepared by Ana Ley, Mercadito Director, designed by architects Zaida Briceños and Orlando Franco from Fundamental, and will offer the best LP music selection, from the 60’s to today. There will also be a Yellowtail Australian wine tasting during the event.

50 local and national top design proposals will be presented, focused mainly on clothing, shoes, jewelry, furniture, and cosmetics. To mention a few: Muller & Shishi, from México City, with a different proposal for men’s swimsuits with prints and different, fun textures; and Antheh, a local brand that presents a clothing line, completely clean and minimalistic. Sandovalis perfumes is one of our state’s representatives that has achieved national exposure with a 100% Yucatecan product. Fundamental takes us back to everything natural; they work with different local woods, creating spaces and objects with the highest quality. Pau Román is a local brand that presents a romantic lingerie line.

We want to promote buying habits that become a lifestyle, and encourage buyers to support products on the market that have great value.

Join us during this experience and get to know all the creative talent that is developing at the city. Allow us to send you a private driver by downloading the app Cabify, just use the code MERCADITO, and your first trip will be free (up to $150 pesos).

Join us!

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