star-medicaIn the administrative offices of the new Star Médica Hospital a recognition award captures the attention of visitors. It is a White House certification regarding the quality and advanced infrastructure of this private hospital.


During the visit of U.S. President George W. Bush to the Yucatán in March 2007, Star Médica Hospital was submitted to an extensive revision to see if it met the requirements just in case something happened to the President and he needed hospitalization. As a result, Star Médica was chosen as the official hospital for this head of State.


Medical insurance companies from Miami and Houston are also actively looking at Star Médica Hospitals as medical care centers for their clients during vacation periods.


To guarantee international quality in their services, Star Médica Hospitals are in the process of getting their ISO-900 certification which will open the doors to Medical Tourism.


Since commencing operations two years ago, Star Médica is already taking care of foreign doctors and patients, mainly from South America and the large ex-pat community that demands excellent medical care. Because of Mérida’s excellent healthcare and other services, foreigners feel comfortable investing in the area.


“We are convinced that medical tourism will become one of the major industries in the mid-term,” says Mr. Hugo Boehm Calero, general manager of Star Médica Hospital Mérida. During an interview Mr. Boehm placed strong emphasis on the great opportunity that the state of Yucatán has in this global tourism market.


“Here in Yucatán we have the advantage of a well recognized medical staff and a positive attitude that favors patient recovery from surgical interventions as well as a lower than average medical cost compared to other countries.” Foreign patients have commented that the bedside manner of the doctors in Mérida is more personalized.


Mr. Boehm very clearly states that medical tourism is based on the quality of the existing infrastructure – both human and material.


To take advantage of this market it is necessary to develop an integral project coordinated by the State Government since Medical Tourism is not limited to hospital services, but more importantly to the quality of care that should be provided to patients and their family members. Mr. Boehm believes that Yucatán should take advantage of the international attention given to the designation of Chichén Itzá as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World in order to design and promote medical tourism projects.


We will witness in the near future an important source of income from tourism. Mérida has a definite advantage over Cancún as far as hospital infrastructure and the quality of medical services go. We should make the most of this opportunity.


Star Médica Hospital
Calle 26 No. 199 between 15 & 7
Col. Altabrisa
Mérida, Yucatán, México.
 C.P. 97133
Tel. (999) 930 2880
Email: [email protected]



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