Frijol rojoOne day, a good man, but unhappy, decided to sell his soul to the devil. He beckoned Kizín, and when he was before him, he said what he wanted to do. Kizín liked the idea of taking the soul of a good man.

In exchange for his soul, the man asked for seven wishes, one for each day.

For the first day, he wanted money, and suddenly, his pockets were full of gold. For the second day, health, and was perfectly healthy. For the third day, food, and he ate until he could burst. For the fourth day, women, and the most beautiful surrounded him. For the fifth day, power, and he lived like a king. For the sixth day, travel, and in the blink of an eye, he was in a thousand places.

Kizín then said: “Now, what do you want? Think! It’s the last day.”

The man said, “Now I just want to satisfy a whim.”

“Tell me and I will grant it.”

“I want you to wash these black beans until they turn white.”

“That’s easy,” said Kizín.

And he began to wash them, but as they did not whiten, he thought, “This man has deceived me, and I lost a soul. So that this does not happen to me again, from now on there will be black beans, white beans, yellow beans, and red beans.”

Contribution: Yurina Fernández Noa
Email: [email protected]

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