Chaac Uxmal Inframundo MayasMaya mythology is complex and has a truly rich context, placing corn as the creative nature of humankind as we know it today. Maya gods are characterized by the use of dual energies such as malevolence / benevolence; their associations changed according to the days in the Maya calendar. Maya deities are associated with numbers, crops, days of the Maya calendar, and periods of time.

Maya gods, deities and supernatural beings often display unique aspects of nature in correlation to the four Bacabs or Cardinal points and/or with the central earth position represented by the sacred Ceiba tree, which still holds the center position of all sacred Maya rituals and spiritual ceremonies. This tree is placed as a symbol of sacred life force, an energy vortex or interconnection between the Thirteen Heavens (where gods and mythological deities dwell), our earth plane (where man, flora and fauna reside), and the Nine Underworlds (where death and night with the corresponding deities dwell).

Ah muzencab – God of Bees and Honey.

Ah Puch – also known as Hun ahua is a God of Death and dwells in the underworld.

Bacab – The Four Guardian Deities, related to the Cardinal points, carrying the sky in the center of them is the sacred tree of life “Ceiba”.

Chaac – God of Rain, a highly venerated God.

Chak Chel – Wife of Itzamnaaj, a red rainbow warrior young goddess with jaguar ears and claws; she is thought to be the young version of Ixchel, a weaver and patron of women in the underworld.

Camazotz – Bat god, also a monster deity of the underworld.

Gukumatz – Feathered Snake God and one of the God Creators of humanity.

Kukulkan – Messenger of Venus; the Sovereign Feathered Serpent Deity revered in Chichén Itzá and Mayapán (believed to be Quetzalcoatl for the Aztecs).

Hun-Hunahpu – the Sacred Maize Deity. He is the Maya ideal of beauty and youth.

Hunahpu –  A ballplayer deity characterized as a hunter of birds.

Huracan – God of Storm (extreme bad weather) and Wind and Fire, one of the creator deities.

Itzamnaaj – The Supreme God Creator ruled the skies and invented writing; associated with the Sun. Also known as the God of Cacao.

Ixchel – Aged jaguar goddess of midwifery and medicine; associated with the Moon, water, fertility and childbirth.

Ixtab – Goddess of Honorable Suicide; depicted as the “rope woman,” for hanging was to the Maya an honorable way to die; she will take the brave soul to paradise. Also depicted as a symbol of lunar and solar eclipses.

K’awiil – God of Lightning; also the Jaguar God of the underworld.

Xbalanque – a ballplayer deity whose name means Jaguar Son or Hidden Sun.

Xochiquetzal  – goddess of Xocolatl (chocolate; a sacred godly beverage prepared only for the upper Maya royalty).

Zipacna – Underworld Demon Deity with great sexual appetite, symbolized by his favorite food: crabs. A very arrogant and powerful deity believed to have created the mountains.

Source: Fundación  Maya
In  Láakeech  A.C. and Hacienda Chichen


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