Markets are something that everyone associates with México. In the past couple of years, several markets have been created and have become popular with many faithful followers. Here are a few that we have enjoyed.

A strong year-round market is the Slow Food Market in Mérida on Avenida Reforma between Colón and Cupules, in the parking lot behind the movie theater; it takes place on Saturdays from 9 am – 1 pm and Wednesdays from 6 pm – 9 pm. There are some 50 vendors offering all types of delicious, fresh, and organic foods that include eggs, veggies (in season), artisan cheeses, a multitude of different kinds of breads, duck, chicken, lamb, sausage, pizzas, plants, compost, bagels, brownies, yogurts and kefir, kombucha, smoked meats and fish, pastas, and more. Facebook: Slow Food Yucatan.

Another year round market that takes place at the beach is the Chuburná Farmer’s Market at Randy Miller’s Natural Thangs Nursery, just past Chelem on the road to Chuburná. Held on Monday mornings from 8 am – 12 pm, this is a popular market with a variety of vendors offering lamb, veggies, smoked meats, iced teas and coffees, kombucha, and prepared foods (mini mac n’cheese, mini lasagnas, soups, breakfast burritos, etc.), essential oils, and of course, all the plants at the nursery. Facebook: Randy Miller Natural Thangs.

A wintertime market that revolves around the snowbird season along the coast is the Muelle Market (“pier”) in Chicxulub Puerto. Held every other week on Thursdays from 9 am – 1 pm, this market brings together a unique and varied group of food vendors and artisans, artists and crafters. This could be called the “funky” market! Here you will find breads, cakes, pizzas, cinnamon buns, coffee, organic eggs, fresh and frozen fish, shrimp and crab meat, along with jewelry, raw cotton clothing, paintings, carvings and sculptures, glass crafts, and more.

This market also has a charitable aspect to it. Sharon Helgason and her group run the Chicxulub Food Bank, an important project in this fishing village. She asks that visitors donate bags of beans and rice for the hampers that this group gives to some 100 families each and every month. There’s a bin at the entrance to the market that says “Bee Nice…donate beans or rice.” The market is located on Calle 28 between 21 and 23 just south of the cemetery at an event salon called D’Mar. Facebook: Muelle Market – Bazar del Muelle.

As with markets anywhere in the world, the offerings can vary each week depending on what the food vendor decided to cook and what fruits or vegetables are in season. The three Facebook pages mentioned here all have good photos and updates on the markets, so be sure to check them out!

By Judy Abbott de Mier y Terán

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