Margarita LimonA good margarita is a real joy. It refreshes and opens up the appetite. It is the ultimate combination of sweet and sour.

A real margarita is very simple… fresh limes, Cointreau or its Mexican cousin Controy, and good tequila. Always use a high quality tequila that says 100% Agave on the label. Unless the label says 100% agave… it is probably 49% rum. So pay a little more and get the real thing!

The blend is straightforward – 1/3 fresh lime juice (should be pressed within 30 minutes of use) 1/3 Controy, 1/3 tequila. Put all in the blender with lots of ice… and presto!!! a delicious margarita!

A good margarita should have a little bite… it should get your taste buds tingling. There are quite a few variations on the traditional recipe… one even includes cucumber.

If you don’t have a lime juicer try this – just throw the whole lime into the blender along with 50 ml of tequila and 50 ml of Controy and a handful of ice… hit the blend button – mmmmm! Easy, fast and delicious!



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