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It’s 1925, and Prohibition is in full swing. That means bootleg liquor, clandestine drinking establishments, and secret parties. Wait a minute! It’s 2015 and, in reality, we have unlimited access to elegant bars, delicious cocktails, and new trends in mixology. But if you want to have a taste of the speakeasy experience from the 1920s, you must go to Malahat Speakeasy & Mixology in Parque Santa Lucía, open since March of this year.

When you step inside the secret entry, you will instantly feel transported back in time. The small, dimly lit bar is intimate but full of the happy sounds of the conversation and laughter of its patrons.  The sliding floor-to-ceiling ladder allows the bartenders to access all the varieties of gin, vodka, rum, whisky, mezcal, tequila, and exotic liqueurs available today; and the small balcony above you is the perfect place for the DJ or live music that will take you back to the swing, blues, and jazz sounds of the past. The picture is made perfect with a dozen candles placed on the liquor shelves, their wax dripping down to levels below.

The name “Malahat” refers to a large 5-masted lumber schooner from Vancouver, BC. She became famous for rum-running on the US Pacific Coast between 1920 and 1933; she was known as “the Queen of Rum Row” because she was never intercepted by the Coast Guard. Like the ship, Malahat Speakeasy in Mérida carries many varieties of distilled and fermented liquors, many of which are not available anywhere else in México.

One of the most memorable details about your Malahat Speakeasy experience is the mixology. Led by master bartender / manager Arni Murillo, the recipes are spectacular; watching the bartenders perform magic with the cocktail shakers will take your breath away. Special touches like a sprig of burning rosemary in the “Mayahuel” cocktail will captivate all of your senses.

“What makes Malahat Speakeasy unique is the feeling of privacy,” says Arni. “Combined with its ambience from an era gone by, while maintaining a sophisticated feel because of its elegant cocktails, there really is no place like it anywhere. We have brought the speakeasy back to life.”

Parque Santa Lucía Local 2
Calle 55 x 60, Centro
Reservations at Apoala Mexican Cuisine
Tel. (999) 923 1979

Wed.-Sat. 7.30 pm – 3 am

Available for private parties upon request


For a taste of the speakeasy experience from the 1920s, go to Malahat Speakeasy & Mixology in Parque Santa Lucía.

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