When the “conquistadores” arrived to modern day Mérida, they found the fallen Maya city of T’Hō. The newly established Concept House Casa T’Hō takes its name from the ancient city, causing the consumer to reflect on the long history of prosperity and decline of the region. Casa T’Hō is dedicated to returning the majesty back to Paseo de Montejo, the historic avenue which is currently experiencing a renaissance.

Located in a family mansion built in the 19th century, today the building is protected as a part of the nation’s cultural patrimony and is considered a historic monument. Walking through the clean, white foyer of Casa T’Hō, I feel like I’m dreaming. Breezy green palm leaves contrast against the tall colonial walls as the foyer opens up into an ample central courtyard. Surrounding the courtyard, individual rooms house nine different boutiques and the mouthwatering, gourmet restaurant Guillermina – all of which are Mexican.

The stores feature Mexican designs, which render breathtaking products. From the most delicate jewelry in Purocorazón to 100% hand-embroidered products in La Troupe, the products prove that modern design can reinvigorate traditional artisanal techniques. In the store Daniela Bustos Maya, the designer creates clothing, jewelry, and hanging decorations made using 20th century coins and an ancient technique of thread weaving. The trailblazing digital platform MexiCouture established its first-ever physical store in Casa T’Hō, a home to many different emerging Mexican brands who are changing the landscape of global fashion.

Shop Yucatecan threads in Yucabanas, where the traditional guayabera can be made to order. In Casa Lima, everything from floor to ceiling is made in Yucatán – gorgeous and functional bags, hand-carved wooden tableware, candles, and fragrances. In her boutique, the renowned fashion designer Carla Fernández pushes global trends in order to support and revitalize indigenous designs and weaving techniques. Find home goods and hip hats in Mima, where everything is made in México – with love. In Nuno Tulum the designer prints tropical photographs onto fabric, which are transformed into everything from furniture and bags to bow ties.

The stores’ philosophies prioritize slow fashion, creating job opportunities for traditional artisans working throughout México. The founders Connie Estrada, Julián Malleville, and Jimena Rosado have the mission of engaging with the creative community, both Yucatecan and the wider panorama of México. They believe in fair trade, just payment, ecological consciousness and the power of good design.

Visit Casa T’Hō not only for the elegant shopping, but for the feeling of traveling to a different time, when elaborate grandeur was the golden standard for the iconic Paseo de Montejo.

Casa T’Hō Concept House
Every day, 10 am – 10 pm
Paseo de Montejo #498 x 45 y 47
Parking on Calle 56
IG: @casatho.concepthouse
Pet friendly

By Amanda Strickland



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