…then the gods took the corn from above and formed man and woman and saw they had a soul… (fragment, Popol Vuh)

Maíz de lo Alto is a gastronomical, cultural, and sensory experience that takes you by the hand to pay tribute to the ancestors, using as a starting point and inspiration a versatile and noble product: corn.

With an architectural style inspired by nature and the Mexican countryside, the decor brings you into the present. The handmade plates made out of clay, ceramic, and wood, complete the carefully detailed contemporary scene, managing to convey the philosophy of the restaurant: back to the essential and basic, the origin of man according to many Mesoamerican cultures, because we are children of the corn.

Every day tortillas are hand-made with corn that goes through a process of “nixtamalization” to offer guests fresh options prepared with local produce, creating a virtuous circle as well. Preserving cooking and preparation techniques from different parts of the country, and traditional recipes with a modern twist, every dish on the menu will turn out to be a discovery you’ll want to try.

You can choose as an appetizer from soups, guacamole, blue “quesadillas” or the “queso de la abuela”; or dare to try “Divino esquite,” a combination of corn with grasshoppers. The delicacies continue with fresh salads, the result of an innovating mixture of Mexican ingredients. As a main course you can try the braised ribs, signature tacos, or enchiladas, in which you can choose the fillings, including meat, seafood, or vegetables. The mushroom tacos, my favorite, with their bacon marmalade, are absolutely delicious. There are various options for vegetarians.

Also worth special mention are the sauces and desserts, like “Pedazo de cielo” (cardamom ice cream, corn sponge, and edible flowers): you’ll really feel like you’re in heaven. Complement your meal with flavored fresh water, handcrafted beer, corn-based liquor “pox,” or a great selection of cocktails.

There are two different and unique atmospheres; the closed room with A/C, and the softly-lit garden cantina, with live music on Fridays that sets the mood for a relaxing good time. Reservations are accepted; ideal for groups and events.

Maíz de lo Alto
Calle 21 #70 x 12 y 14, Col. México
Tuesday – Thursday: 1 pm – 12 pm
Friday – Saturday: 1 pm – 2 am
Sunday: 1 pm – 6 pm
Facebook: Maíz de lo Alto

Editorial by Violeta H. Cantarell
Photos by Carolina Becerra for Yucatán Today’s use

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