luum-foundationPlanting began in October 2014 at Lu’um Foundation’s organic garden, and the results have been spectacular. Round shapes and lush green is what stands out when first entering the vegetable garden. Then one notices its immense biodiversity and feels the peace and balance that this garden has been developed with.

Their goal is to be self-sufficient. One of the means to achieve this is by providing their own food. They are using various methodologies including biodynamics and permaculture principles, traditional Maya farming methods, and eco and organic farming techniques.

A large part of self-sufficiency is to be able to not only grow your own foods, but also medicines and building materials, while protecting and nurturing the jungle. They have planted over 150 different species of plants and trees. Seeds and plants are shared within the community network. As with any living thing, the garden grows, changes and develops. It brings great learning opportunities, delight, and delicious food.

They have started farming worms, to produce vermicast, the liquid collected from worm beds. This liquid is pure magic. It helps fight fungus; and it is an incredible food for any plant, helping it to grow strong and healthy.

Combining traditional Maya methods with modern knowledge and technology is a way forward for this region. The foundation works with both old and new knowledge to find solutions for current agriculture and cultural issues.

Lu’um Project welcomes visitors for a tour of their magical organic garden and project grounds. They also accept volunteers who like to learn while giving a helping hand, receiving meals and lodging in return. In addition, they provide courses on natural construction, organic farming, and bird watching. The garden is located in the ejido of Nachi Cocom, km 99 from Merida on the free “libre” road to Chichén Itzá. Visitors should contact them as the farm is 1.5 km from the main road and not every vehicle will make it all the way through the off-road part. They will gladly pick you up from the main road where you can leave your car safely, and they will drive you in and out with their four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Lu’um Foundation
Whatsapp: 9871 00 88 48
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