Throughout the ages, Mother Nature has inspired human beings with her vibrations, sounds, colors, and sights. Above all, many artists have benefited from her, as they draw upon what she offers to capture it in their works and create unforgettable experiences.


This is the case of American painter Louis Carreon and his exhibit “Redención” (Redemption). In it, Louis speaks to us from a very intimate perspective to reconnect with his roots, his history, and the earth itself.


It all began when Louis visited Shambalanté in Sudzal (southeast of Izamal), a site nestled in the Yucatecan jungle, where he embarked on a spiritual and liberating journey that would inspire him to create multiple pieces for his collection. 


His love and respect for the knowledge of the j-menes (shamans), the vibrations that Yucatán made him feel, and the experiences he lived would lead him to express himself through his greatest passion: painting.


In addition to capturing his visions of nature and life itself, Louis Carreon enjoys combining graphic and symbolic elements of Mexican culture as a tribute to his Mexican-American roots. He also uses unconventional materials such as leaves and branches. 



Carreon incorporates various artistic styles into his work, particularly contemporary styles with realistic touches, using materials that are easily accessible at home or in a hardware store, such as spray paints, acrylics, or oil-based paints.


His exhibit is the first art showcase to be presented at Teatro José Peón Contreras since the fire that occurred at the venue at the end of last year, which the artist describes as “a blessing and a great honor.”


For Louis, returning to México, especially Yucatán, is always an enjoyable experience through which he learns more about his origins and himself. He has been so enamored with Yucatecan lands, that he even hopes to open his own studio in Mérida someday.


“Redención” is one of those exhibits that you don’t come across often, and will leave a lasting impression. In it, each person will have a different sensation, experience, or opinion within a free and harmonious space where one can “be reborn.”


 Redención, Louis Carreon by Carlos GuzmánThe exhibition will be available until August, from 9 am to 8 pm, Tuesday through Friday, and from 11 am to 6 pm on weekends, in Room 5 of the Galería Principal (Main Gallery) at Teatro José Peón Contreras. Admission is completely free.


Visit it and let your senses soar!


“Redención” by Louis Carreon 
Teatro José Peón Contreras: Calle 60 #463 x 57 y 59, Centro, Mérida
IG: @louiscarreon 
Tue. – Fri. 9 am – 8 pm
Sat. and Sun. 11 am – 6 pm
Free entry


By Carlos Guzmán

Photography by Carlos Guzmán for use in Yucatán Today.

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