Los Faisanes


Hacienda Chichen Resort
Chichen Itzá Hotel Zone
Km 122 Mérida – Valladolid Free Highway
Yucatán, México
(999) 920 8407

FB: Hacienda Chichen


Chichén Itzá


Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express
Alcoholic beverages
Pet friendly
Catering for Special Events and Weddings
Air conditioned
Free WiFi
Private entrance for guests to the archeological site
Botanic garden
Wildlife private reserve

Executive Chef Antonio Caamal learned much from his Maya grandmother and mother about the essence of good cooking. His specialities are seafood dishes. This self-taught chef has created an award-winning Maya and fusion gourmet cuisine, each plate worthy of a photographic portrait. He lovingly prepares each dish with impeccable attention to detail, bringing together many of the abundant and varied locally grown ingredients, from the hacienda’s own organic farm. This farm produces fruit, vegetables, herbs, and honey, as well as medicinal plants used in their onsite spa. Also daily the baker prepares fresh and delicious breads and cakes, you can’t miss them!

They also offer a variety of dishes, even for people with allergies, food restrictions or with a special diet. It’s an honor to offer nutritional and healthy dishes, blended with traditional Maya cooking.

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