This month’s cover features a spider monkey: a social creature that is accustomed to gathering with 20 of its kind. Remember what that was like? Photographed in its home, our cover star is taking time off to figure out which tree to hang from next. Also, it’s probably checking out our past editions and reading up on travel tips. It knows Yucatán is not going anywhere.

A trip sounds pretty good right about now, doesn’t it? And, although that trip will have to wait, we want you to know we’re still here. Yucatán Today has always been the traveler’s companion and isn’t stopping now.

For 32 years, we have been in your backpack while you trek through the streets of Valladolid, on your lap as you relax on the beaches of Celestún, or as your trusted copilot on the car ride towards an archaeological site full of history like Uxmal. Now, it’s time for us to be your companion at home: in your living room while you read to your kids and tell them all the details of their next big adventure, alongside your morning coffee as you learn about Maya legends, and being your daily guide to everything in Yucatán. We’re waiting for you, but there’s no rush.

We want you to use the pages of Yucatán Today to travel from home. Let your imagination run wild, dream about the future, talk out your plans with friends and family, and take the time to plan every detail of that trip you just can’t wait to go on. Take advantage of this time to put it all into perspective – where you want to go, what you’d like to do, what you are longing to discover, and what delicacies you’re craving to finally taste. Keep on planning. Don’t cancel, postpone.

Whoever said planning is overrated clearly didn’t understand that a good plan is the foundation for a good trip! Think about Yucatán, a world with endless options – from connecting to the underworld at one of the state’s cenotes and caves, to visiting its magical towns,  to partying with lively locals. Picture yourself on all these adventures knowing what’s behind each one of them. There’s so much to learn. At Yucatán Today, there’s a new story every day.

If Yucatán is your home, you know that there’s always something new to discover. Isn’t it fascinating to live in a place with such cultural, historical, and culinary wealth? During this time, it’s important that we all help each other out. Try new dishes and help your friends in the restaurant community by ordering delivery or take out.

We want to hear from you, dear reader. Contact us through our social media, visit our website, and let’s travel together. Comment on our articles – we love to answer all your questions and get to know your opinion! You can also find most of our past editions on the digital platform ISSUU. Sail through editorials from past months, you’ll find dreamlike destinations, and get to know more about the traditions that make us a unique place that so many people wish to see.

Happy armchair travels!


Editorial by Greta Garrett
Photography by  Iván Gabaldón, AJ Kim, Esteban Dupinet and Catrín for their use in Yucatán Today


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