Stroll through the splendor of the architecture of the main house; take a ride on the original “trucks” (wooden platforms moved on rails); enjoy the views of the famous “Green Gold” (henequén) plantations and its transformation process: these are some of the activities that you can enjoy at Hacienda Sotuta de Peón. Built at the end of the 19th century in Tecoh, today it is one of the few haciendas in full production and where you can find the history still alive.


Hacienda Sotuta de Peon pasillo


There are many ways that you can enjoy this marvelous place: stay in one of its luxury rooms or take the daily hacienda tour. If you prefer the latter, below is a little of what you can experience.


Notice the beauty and elegance of the Main House, first stop on the tour. See the original floors, brought from Europe many decades ago; to this day they provide beauty under your feet. Next you will walk to the Machine House, where you will learn about how henequén is processed, and you can learn how to make handmade rope. Members of the tour will be invited to participate in this activity.


From this moment onward we will move around on the famous “trucks,” through the huge henequén crops that cover the ground for as far as you can see. Our next stop is the Maya House, one of the most interesting moments of your trip, for you will get to meet Don Antonio. Listen carefully to all his stories about the Maya customs and traditions; we are sure this will one of the more memorable moments from your visit.


After that we can go underground to appreciate the beauty of the Dzul-há (knight of the water) cenote. Natural stone sculptures frame the crystalline waters; it’s very safe to swim here.


At the end don’t forget to go to the restaurant to enjoy an exquisite Yucatecan meal. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner service. Also remember to ask for more information about the hacienda’s other services, including horseback riding.


Visit it!
Two daily tours: 10 am and 1 pm. Tour-only or tour packages available.


From a reader, Lucinda Young, 2017:


“Thanks for telling me about the horseback riding opportunities at Sotuta de Peon: a possibility that would never have occurred to me and which I enjoyed immensely. The ride itself was slow, gentle, and inevitably tame; however, the horses, as you said, are really the best looking and best trained I’ve ridden so far in the Yucatan, impeccably groomed and the most beautiful, traditional “Charro” style saddles. Plus, you ride through and around the henequen fields, no garbage, all also quite manicured and lovely. $200 pesos for an hour, with Victor, our charming, informative, and interesting young groom as guide (though Spanish only here, I think).  After my great ride experience, we suggested to some visiting chums that they spend the night there and they loved it. They took a private sunset tour up to the cenote on the mule cart!”

Tour Henequenero

Includes: guided tour, welcome cocktail (non-alcoholic), Corchada Manual, Raspa, Tendedero, Prensa, Corchería Motor Strength Museum, truck ride, Maya house, visit to the Dzul-Ha cenote and the Main House.


Language: Spanish, English, and French.


Tel. (999) 941 6441
FB: Hacienda Sotuta de Peon


Not included: food, drinks, transportation, and additional experiences
*Machines are not seen in operation on Sundays


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