One of the stores with a long tradition in México is “El Puerto de Liverpool,” popularly known as “Liverpool.” Its history began in 1847 when a great visionary, Jean Baptiste Ebrard (JBE), set up a stall to sell fine fabrics in México City. In 1872 he decided to import European fabrics, which were shipped from the famous port of Liverpool. This was how JBE decided to take that name for his store. In México City, you can see the original building, worth visiting and admiring its architecture.

Today, Liverpool is one of the main national department stores, with 119 establishments divided between Fábricas de Francia, Liverpool, and Liverpool Duty Free, and with more than 63,000 staff in all of México.


Liverpool is known for its excellent quality of service, which you will feel the moment you enter the store. Every employee offers you a smile, and absolutely nothing is too much trouble. The stores have a tremendous variety of merchandise, with articles for the whole family, from furniture and electronics to an exquisite selection of wines and gourmet food. Here in Mérida their store is located at Plaza Galerías in the north part of the city. It was opened on November 4, 1999, so this year they are celebrating their 17th anniversary.

Visit the store from November 18 to 21 and take advantage of all the discounts and great promotions that they will have during the “Buen Fin.” Interesting fact: now you know why the Liverpool house brand is called “JBE.”

If you’d like to check out other Liverpool stores and you are travelling in and around Yucatán, you can find Fábricas de Francia in Villahermosa, Tabasco, and Liverpool Duty Free in Cancún and Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.

Plaza Galerías, Calle 60 Norte
Tel. 01 (800) 713 5555

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