Playa del Carmen 2Sometimes we need a little break to get away from everyday life to recharge our batteries a bit and take some time out. We decided to take a little trip to Playa del Carmen, a tranquil Caribbean resort which is has lots of style.

Playa del Carmen , once a small village by the sea, is now a fascinating destination welcoming many national and international tourists. It is an ideal place to relax and spend a few days on a fantastic beach, with hotels, commercial galleries, numerous shops, and great nightlife.

A small “break” is what we were looking for. The Playa del Carmen hotels offer many possibilities to stay in environments that fit our criteria and gave us what we were looking for. The beaches come equipped with hammocks and beach umbrellas making it very easy to spend all day there, relaxing. The crystal clear turquoise waters lapping the white sand shores look like a setting from a film. Along the beaches there are numerous restaurants and bars that invite us to enjoy a small snack or a meal with a menu offering everything we could possibly want.

The only things we need to think about are deciding what time we will head to the beach, what time we will eat and where, and which pub or club to visit in the evening. This is exactly what we were looking for. We wanted to leave our everyday little problems from work or home, behind.

A stay at hotels in Playa del Carmen is an authentic experience in itself. This, along with our evenings on the beautiful beaches, and culinary adventures in excellent restaurants, made this a great holiday and left us very happy.

Try and experience the culinary life in Playa del Carmen, it is a real ” must”, as it offers all kinds of cuisine, whether national, Playa del Carmen 1local or international. We can enjoy the Yucatecan dishes we know, such as the famous Cochinita Pibil or enchiladas with purslane, to name a few. Mexican cuisine is also on offer, with dishes such as the traditional enchiladas, burritos with guacamole and the famous tequila. We also have the opportunity to try international cuisine that is represented with gourmet restaurants that offer delicious dishes such as Lobster Thermidor, Chateaubriand, Beef Wellington, Loup de Mere to name a few.

As a nice little cherry on top of our already amazing cake, the spas we found along the beaches were utter paradise, with integrated Spa sessions allowing us to enjoy treatments and luxury. We are able to recharge on a lounger by the sea, enjoying a session of “hot stones” in a fascinating environment with a small Caribbean breeze and a cocktail, or just settle into Chill Out zones and enjoy a small snack by the sea.

Playa del Carmen is our favorite and we cannot wait until it’s time to get away and spend a few more days of fun, fascination and relaxation there.


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