Like wildfire, rumors of a world in pink close to Río Lagartos spread and exploded. A place with lagoons in the same hues as the flamingos you’ll find here in Yucatán. People would come—and continue to arrive—from all over the world, driving as long as it took for a vibrant, colorful moment; for a click—or a tap—on the camera. How could they not, when Las Coloradas has a fascinating view?


What began as an informal activity for locals has grown into Las Coloradas Parque Turístico: an impressive tourist station next to the salt mine that originated the lakes. Oh, you didn’t know? The pink lagoons are an important part of the natural process of harvesting salt. In fact, unregulated tourism can be detrimental to production, since any material or substance can contaminate the harvest. They are much more than a visual spectacle. 


If you got to visit before the Parque Turístico, you really should visit again. I suggest that you review the guided tour options and their prices prior to your visit. There are so many options that indecision could delay the start of your adventure, including a tour in an all-terrain safari type, another by bike, and a shorter one on foot. 


Las Coloradas Parque TurísticoThe pink lagoons of Las Coloradas

The biggest attraction, of course, is the final destination: the pink lagoons. According to what the guide told us during our visit when we took the safari tour, they get their vibrant pink hue from the tiny crustaceans that live in it: brine shrimp. Would it surprise you if I tell you that this little animal is the same one that gives the flamingo its color? It’s part of their diet, so keep your eyes open. When the season is right, you could see one of these beautiful birds in the surroundings. 


In addition to the origin of the color, you will also learn about the salt production process and the best conditions to see the different colors of the lagoons. Essentially, four factors must coincide: density (to have a mirror effect), presence of wind (just a little, for better reflective properties), little cloud cover, and plenty of sunlight. Depending on the season, the exact time can vary; it is best to take advantage of the midday light, when the sun is at its zenith.


Are you pressed for time? Choose the walking tour, travelers’ pick for getting the essentials.



The guides at Las Coloradas Parque Turístico

No matter which tour you choose, you’ll have a certified guide by your side. I can assure you that everyone is very friendly, and when it comes to sharing their extensive knowledge of Las Coloradas, they will do it in the most enjoyable way, even on the safari tour where you will have an hour and a half of detailed information. 


What else can I find in the Tourist Park?

I won’t lie, one of my favorite attractions was the lookout tower. From the top you can see the lagoons in their entirety, from the furthest one in the first steps of the salt production process to the closest ones, shining in bright pink hues. You can also see the sea and enjoy a magnificent breeze. Without a doubt, a perfect spot for anyone who wants to appreciate Las Coloradas from a new perspective. 


The park expects to incorporate a zipline in the near future. Wait for it by 2023!



Las Coloradas Parque Turístico
FB: Las Coloradas Parque Turístico
Every day from 8 am to 5 pm
From $250 pesos (domestic) and $300 pesos (foreigners); check the prices here.
Safari tour: $650 pesos
Guide: $50 pesos (cash only)



Editorial by Olivia Camarena Cervera
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Photography by Olivia Camarena Cervera and Las Coloradas Parque Turístico for use in Yucatán Today.

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