Their treasure wasn’t gold. It was knowledge.

– Indiana Jones

Welcome to our newly designed website! It has a whole new look…and our print magazine is launching a whole new look as well. All this is the result of a full year of dreaming, brainstorming, and planning, with a measure of hoping and praying added for good measure. The month of March, with the renewal of the spring equinox, seems like a good moment to introduce a new, better, Yucatán Today and The website is a work in progress but we think you’ll like it.

nueva imagen

The new logo is classic, clean and simple, with an icon that represents the sun and pyramids of our state; its oval form evokes a fingerprint: our human touch as we accompany you on your travels. And those two little X’s? As Indiana Jones also said: “X marks the spot! You are here!”

The print magazine is bigger, too. Inside, you will see a cleaner design, and yes! The page numbers are at the bottom! Another important change is the way the magazine is organized: 5 sections divide the information into logical, easy-to-find groups. You can see the magazine in digital format here.

Yucatán Today is a treasure because of the knowledge we share with you. So the content hasn’t changed: we still have exciting new feature articles each month, our great maps are easier to read, and you can still rely on our destination information to take you where you want to go.

We want to hear from you! Tell us what you think about the changes. This transformation was a team effort with a million details. We understand it will take awhile to get used to. And we will continue to provide you with the information – and knowledge – to make the most out of your travels in Yucatán.

Juanita Stein

Editorial Director

[email protected]

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